1. Congratulations to Clay's campaign for raising $450,000 in this second quarter!!! This is no easy task, and it does confirm the fantastic dedication of the staff as well as the momentum that is growing in Clay's behalf. This news has certainly made my day!!!

    I must also give kudos to all of Clay's fans who have supported him through the years. And let's not forget the grinding trek Clay has made through his district and in other states to personally meet with people to discuss their needs. If there is anyone who can drop everything to address the problems of others, it is Clay.

    My heart is racing now as the possibility of Clay's bringing a new atmosphere to Congress draws closer. Out with Congressional dysfunctiion and in with a wake-up call to address this country's dilemmas in an honest and selfless manner!

  2. Wow how exciting!! At the rate Renee is going. Clay might not have to debate her. She just needs to keep putting her foot in her mouth.
    Great job Musicfan

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