Clay Aiken – Changing Plans!


OK…OK…I guess you never really know what what will happen every day!!

The following message was posted on the Whetstone Wine Cellars Facebook page in the late afternoon:


Whetstone Wine Cellars ATTENTION:

Due the #NapaQuake, many city and county officials are unable to attend this event so unfortunately we’re canceling the fundraiser at this time.

Thank you again for your support.

How disappointing, but not surprising.  The city of Napa certainly has a lot to overcome.  The earthquake certainly changed the plans for so many. Have you seen some of the destruction that has taken place in Napa?

It really makes you cry!


There are plans to re-schedule the fundraiser for Clay and his campaign.


From what I have heard, the other meetings and events scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday are still on the schedule.  I hope they are all a huge success.

The following are pictures of a new ad that is being passed out to homes and businesses in District 2.

Expect to see and hear more information about Clay’s busy two days.  

I will post the information when it is available.

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Changing Plans!

  1. Earthquakes are so scary. I’m glad is wasn’t any worse. The people in napa will rebuild better than ever. I can’t wait for the future fundraiser.

  2. Thank you for your support!

    We apologize for the late notice but after much consideration we have decided to postpone the Clay Aiken Fundraiser event at Whetstone Wine Cellars until Monday, September 29. Although Whetstone was fortunate to not sustain any structural damage to The Château many of our friends are recovering from much loss due to the #NapaQuake and felt it important to focus on our friends and community’s needs at this time. We look forward to hosting you and supporting Clay and his campaign next month. More details will be provided soon.

    • Thank you for this notice. I look forward to visiting your beautiful Chateau on September 29th and supporting Clay Aiken.

  3. Good to hear no structural damage at Whetstone Wine Cellars. Sound like it could have been a lot worse for everyone. I;m glad they r/s. Also I got my Tshirt today YAY!!!

  4. anearth quak

    im glad this was reseculed and the pe

    thanks for the notice it was the rightting to do i dint want anything bad to happen to clay napa people you can rebuild better then ever

    ople in nappa willre


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