Clay Aiken – So Many Interesting People

Wednesday was a quiet day in the public life of candidate Clay Aiken.  I know nothing about his day, but would imagine it might have been  full of fundraising phone calls, conferences with advisors,  consulting with the scheduler and participating in some interviews.  These are all things that are a part of being on the campaign trail.

Since it was quiet, I thought it might be fun to post some great pictures from Clays run for Congress.  He has had the opportunity to see so much of District 2 and to meet so many interesting people.  I hope one of these pictures is your favorite.

Academic Excellence Celebration, Jordan-Matthews High School, 910 E. Cardinal St., Siler City NC (Chatham County) Clay was the Guest Speaker

The Colbert Report April 30, 2014

College Democrats of North Carolina, Greenville Gala, East Carolina Heart Institute, Greenville NC

Reception / Fund Raiser at the home of Bob Page & Dale Frederikson, Greensboro NC.

Cumberland County Festival

4th of July

July 26 -Congressman John Lewis in the town of Lillington in Harnett County.

Just think…this is just a few of the many exciting places, people and events that Clay Aiken has been a part of in the last few months!

Do you have a favorite picture?  

Which one do think would be Clay’s favorite picture?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – So Many Interesting People

  1. I think Clay’s favorite is his photo with Congressional legend John Lewis. Clay has an appreciation for men and women who alter the course of history. Coming in second for Clay might be his night on the Colbert Report which obviously appealed to his sense of humor. For me, I love the photo of Clay with the parrot. I have always been a fan of his red hair and freckles and have seldom had an opportunity to see either. What a fun collection of campaign life!

  2. I love all the photos! My favorite is with Stephen Colbert. I've watched that video about 100 times. Clay came across very well in this interview. Still would be nice to have a debate. I think that ship has sailed though. I cant believe her followers haven't told her to participate. Makes her look like she is above debating Clay.
    Great job again Musicfan, Thanks!!!!

  3. I do think Clay would value the photo with John Lewis the most. I like him with his arm around the (Democratic) donkey and dressed in the parrot green shirt. Did watch him on the Colbert Report over and over. Clay held his own and did a good job.

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