Clay Aiken – A Bit of Dancing!


Everyone knows that Clay Aiken can sing…yes…he is a real talent.  But what about dancing?  Clay loves to say he can’t dance, but anyone who has seen him on Broadway or live on tour, knows that he can dance…maybe not as well as singing, but he does a good job!!

Even though Clay is taking a break from singing right now, he took a moment this last week-end to do a bit of dancing!!  Yes…Clay learned “The Cupid Shuffle”.

I do have to admit…I had never heard of this dance before…yes…I am just a bit “out of it”,  So, another thing I learned from Clay Aiken…

The Cupid Shuffle

It seems a singer by the name of Cupid released Time For A Change, an album of original songs.  According to the website NewsOne:

…Cupid says he went into the studio with intentions of creating a line dance classic with no genre and that “everyone could dance to.” And he didn’t plan the song, but freestyled the verses.

“I came up with the dance in the studio as I was making up the song,” he says, incredibly…

…What I knew from the beginning, though, is that these songs help to liven up the party and, in this day and age when people don’t like to dance, it works to get them on the floor…

Well, I guess it worked because it got Clay Aiken up and dancing!!  You can read the entire article at NEWSONE

Clay realized that he was being filmed while he was learning the dance.  He said:

“Are you videotaping me?”

So…yes, he was video taped and Yes it was put on You Tube!!  And here it is!!

I bet there were lots of people watching Clay learn this dance.  Hope some of them will remember when they vote!!


This will be a very busy week for Clay Aiken.  It seems he has a special event scheduled for each day.

I will try and report on each event that is shared with the public.  It should be lots of fun!!

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Bit of Dancing!

  1. Yes, dancing is certainly one of Clay's many talents. I've been trying to play the video with no success. Is there a title that I can use on YouTube?

    As the campaign is coming down to the wire, I am getting excited as well as anxious. I hope everyone continues to support Clay in as many ways as we can!

  2. Serious reminder here: tomorrow 9/30 is the end of the fund raising quarter. It's very crucial that everyone who can, contribute whatever you can, to count for this quarter and fuel Clay's campaign chest for the final press toward election. His opponent has reportedly made a large TV ad purchase, likely using the same theme that won votes for Crisco. Let's help Clay fight back!

  3. I could not get enough of this! So sad when it stopped! I was eeeeeing and clapping at every minute he was learning! He was so cute!! I actually can't believe he did this knowing he was being filmed! LOVED IT!!!

  4. I found this video late last night. Made my whole week end. I LOVED IT!!! He was getting the steps down after a couple of times through. CLAY FOR NC!!!

  5. Loved this video, I've watched it over and over again, Clay is adorable, he's game for anything, what a loving man, no wonder we love the guy. Way to go Clay!!! Thanks Martha, that was so enjoyable. xox

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