Bowling With Clay Aiken!

The wonderful deemer took some great pictures of the Bowling fundraiser on Thursday night.  She was kind enough to let me post them here at CANN!  No words needed!!

There was a raffle at the end of the event for a signed bowling pin, Clay’s bowling shoes, and his bowling shirt.  I bet they made LOTS of money!!


It looks like the evening was a success and everyone had a great time.  

And…what did we do before cameras on phones???

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4 thoughts on “Bowling With Clay Aiken!

  1. Love it!!!! It's good to see Clay having fun while working so hard. I sure would like to know what the items raised. I still wonder what his score was. Just wondering how good he is at bowling. Thanks again Musicfan

  2. ilove it it sure is good ta see clay having fun while hes working so hard i wonder how clay did on his bowling score was im just wondering also how good is clay at bowling and to know what items were raised thanks again music fan

    • Clay didn't really bowl his own game. He went from one lane to another taking turns of some of the fans who were bowling so he could interact with more fans. Nick did the same. Clay looked like he had good form, but managed to get a couple of gutter balls and was a little embarrassed by that. He also definitely had some strikes and spares. It was a fun evening.

  3. Thanks Martha and thanks Deemer for the bowling blog. I read several red reports and it sounds like everyone had a great time, including Clay. I am sure this was a nice change from his usual fundraisers and he was able to spend time with many of his long time fans.

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