Clay Aiken – Let’s Meet In Fayetteville!


From all the pictures, selfies, and messages, it seems that Clay Aiken had a great day making new friends all over the 2nd Congressional District in North Carolina.

 From Nascar Days in Randleman to the Hollyfest in HollySprings, Clay’s bus is putting on a lot of miles!

Today…we have lots of fun pictures!!

Aminacrochetboutique ‏@Aminacrochetbou This is me and Clay Aiken taken by Chis Mitchell of the Randleman Reporter at the NASCAR Day Festival held today

Kim Peppers. Michaela just sold a Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board raffle ticket to Clay Aiken at Holly Fest. Great day!

Forward Americans ‏@ForwardAmerican Christi from Holly Springs #nc02 & her superheroes met emerging leader @clayaiken @ClayForNC today at Holly Fest;)

Scott Duncan. We ran into Clay Aiken in downtown Cary this afternoon. He was campaigning at an event in town. Nice guy. Posed for a picture with Keira.

Clay answered the message with this:

Clay Aiken:   Great meeting you and your little princess!

Lana Addison Bridal @LanaAddison Enjoying a visit from Clay Aiken at our salon! @ClayForNC

Pretty Petty Gomez A selfie with Clay Aiken that stop by Yamato’s and eat lol see people even Celebrities like our food hehehehe asta las celebridades les gusta la comida del yamatos lol

Clay answered this message to:

Clay Aiken:  Thanks for a great dinner!!

Amelia’s Expressions Hand Stamped Designs It was the perfect day for a fall festival and Clay Aiken felt the same way! He was right across from my booth and I took a quick break to say hello. He’s a nice guy and even gave my 11 year old son some words of encouragement. That’s my family (and me of course) in a selfie with Mr. Aiken! #clayaiken

Clay responded –

Clay Aiken: Great to meet you guys! Get ready for that growth spurt!!


As I was choosing pictures today, I thought of two things —

On average, how many “selfies” does Clay take each day?


Counting about 21 days touring the 2nd District, how many miles will Clay put on the bus?

Anyone want to make a guess on either question??


According to the written schedule… Today, Clay will be having a Town Hall meeting at 2:00pm at the Cumberland County Library, 300 Maiden Lane, Fayetteville, NC – Cumberland County

How many new friends will Clay make today?

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Let’s Meet In Fayetteville!

  1. Oh wow! Soooo many selfies! Who KNOWS how many he's taken that have not been posted. Hundreds I tell you HUNDREDS!! That's our Clay tho huh? Miles? Only his driver would know that… hey, Clay drives too, doesn't he!

    Can't wait to hear what he's going to do today! LOVE YA CLAY!

  2. Love the pics and post Musicfan, I would say he's done hundreds of miles on the bus and hundreds of selfies and we all love you Clay, way to go, only 8 more days to election, I'll be watching with anticipation for Clay to win!

  3. I'm with gaymaarie. It's got to be hundreds!!! Team Clay is doing wonderful getting him out to meet voters. Looking good & sounds great.

    Again your are the greatest musicfan!!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

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