Clay Aiken – Refuses To Be Intimidated


Clay Aiken was busy early on Tuesday morning and he did something a bit different than the norm…and got a lot of positive comments for what he did.

At 8:15 am, Clay visited the radio station, WDCG – G105 FM.  He appeared on the controversial show, Bob and the Showgram. This long-running morning show features Host Bob Dumas and  Co-Host Erica Delong.

According to Wikipedia:

“Bob and the Showgram” has a history of controversial broadcasts and subsequent disciplinary actions. Bob Dumas is a self-proclaimed “narcissistic redneck” and often makes statements which take on an inflammatory note against non-Christians and Harry Potter fans. Dumas even refused to play “Guitar Hero” based on the fact “satan” showed up at the end of the game.

However, Clay was prepared to meet with Bob and held his own during the lively interview.  Bob’s style is to ask “in your face” embarrassing questions and he tries to make the interview uncomfortable for the guest and the audience.  But…this was Clay Aiken and when Clay is prepared, he can give it as well as take it.  Clay got lots of laughs and didn’t let Bob get away with anything.  The best part of the interview was Clay giving it right back to Bob.  Clay is intelligent and is very knowledgable.  Clay refused to be intimidated.

Before you listen to this interview, remember that Bob is trying to embarrass Clay so many of his questions are personal and inappropriate.  However, it is wonderful to hear Clay put him in his place!  So…you choose whether you want to hear the interview!!..  You can hear it at SHOWGRAM   Look to the right of the page and under podcasts, play October 14, p2,p3, and p4.


On Tuesday afternoon, Clay sent out a great tweet. It was followed by others with some great pictures!

Clay Aiken @ClayForNC · Bus tour kicks off tonight! Join us at 5pm at The Matthews House in Cary for a rally before the bus heads to the @SanfordHerald forum! #nc02

mindy lynn @MlbMohala Whoohoo!! “@ForwardAmerican: The @ClayForNC #nc02 district tour just kicked off from Cary & on his way to Sanford,!

I believe the “tracker” is guy in the blue shirt. He is ALWAYS there, recording every word Clay says!!

What a great idea!  The bus is beautiful and it will give Clay and the team the ability to meet and listen to many more people in district 2.


From Cary, the bus traveled to Sanford for a political forum sponsored by the Sanford Herald.  Clay was there along with Rep. Renee Ellmers.

Democratic Women of Lee County, North Carolina added 4 new photos. Our Democratic candidates performed very well in the debates this evening sponsored by “The Sanford Herald” at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center. They were all well-prepared and I was proud of them. Congratulations, Mark Ak (Akinosho), Ophelia Livingston, Shawn Williams, Robert Reives, Joe Langley and Clay Aiken!

Democratic Women of Lee County, North Carolina Bill Horner moderates debate between Clay Aiken and Renee Ellmers.


On Tuesday, I posted a mid-day blog – it’s a blast from the past.  If you missed it, it is on page 2.
 I hope you will give it a look and I bet you will smile!!
So…it is now Wednesday…according to the calendar, Clay will at a Town Hall meeting in Asheboro, NC.
 It will be held at the Court House at 7:00pm.  I hope we get some news of the event!
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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Refuses To Be Intimidated

  1. I listened to the interview last night. I was so proud of Clay, Not only did he refuse to be intimidated, he had to listen to "Bob" tell him to "shut up" several times. Also he would ask Clay questions then not let him finish an answer. Clay really held his own on the personal questions. Once again Clay won the debate!!
    . I saw your mid day post. Great job & Thanks. Love the bus!!! CLAY FOR NC!!!

  2. I listened to it this morning but I found it started on Podcasts 6 7 and 8. At least I did. Sure was not easy to go from one to the other on that site either! Clay held his own as far as I'm concerned too!

    I LOVED the big article written by the author who did the first interview back in the Idol days. Gadzooks, I can't remember her name!! It's the CRS I tell ya!! I NEED to find that magazine and also the Rolling Stone article. I keep forgetting to look for it! Thanks musicfan! Love the bus pictures!!! Wow!!

  3. I did listen to the Podcast. I won't say what I think of Bob. He's a redneck jerk, who is only interested in "what's in it for me". He was "bored" when Clay was on the line with a lady that was looking for assistance. I truly do not have any tolerance for people like Bob. Shock jocks, that are loud, abrasive and arrogant. I did love how Clay stood up to him. Didn't get bullied by him. Loved how Clay told him he was immature. True!!!! I would have called him other things. Thanks for all the pics of the bus as well Musicfan. I really have never seen anyone who is so ready to work for the people in his district. Clay is out there, and listening…..PEOPLE OF NC02….YOU TRULY NEED TO VOTE CLAY IN.

  4. I listened to the entire interview (if that's what you want to call it lol) . Clay had such patience to sit there and let that man blather on. Clay showed how intelligent and caring he was and how you can get your message across without being a total *** like the interviewer. I was just totally appalled how he treated the mother of the autistic child. There is no way on God's green earth I would listen to that man again. I sincerely hope Clay got his message through to the #nc02 voters who listen to this show. Hopefully they now know their is a voice of reason out there who wants to serve them.

  5. well i must say that bob is one aragent ass hole and a jerk im glad clay told bob that he was imature and im glad clay dint get bullied from that bad bob its verry true that bob is indeed imature i also dont have tolance for bob at all and the way bob treated the mom of atistic child now that was un called for theres no way on gods planet that i will ever again listen to that dam bob ever again i hope that clay told bob what do do im verry pround of clay and i did hear the pid cast

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