Clay Aiken – Don’t Rain On My Parade!

We gained an hour this morning…To some degree, we may have Benjamin Franklin to thank.

Franklin, who wrote “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” was among the first to suggest the idea.

In a 1784 essay he wrote that adjusting the clocks could be a good way to save on candles.

So….be sure to check your clock before you go out today…and check that you have enough candles!


On Saturday, I published a mid-day blog.  It was all about the Esquire Magazine 8-page feature about Clay Aiken and his Campaign.  If you missed it, I hope you will check out page 2…AND…because everyone should read the Esquire article, please tweet and share the blog.  Have you read the Esquire article yet?


If you happened to be in the 2nd Congressional District in North Carolina on Saturday, you probably experienced some rain (wind too).  But a little stormy weather didn’t slow down candidate Clay Aiken.  This busy man traveled to many areas and, in spite of the weather, even participated in a parade and a fall festival.

Fayetteville State University has been celebrating homecoming all week.  Saturday was the Homecoming Parade.

Right down the middle of the street!

Even the bus was in the parade!!

callme_madam look who showed up at the parade #clayaiken hope i spelled it right lol

Clay hopped on the bus and drove 30 miles north/east to Dunn, NC.  This community was celebrating The 16th Annual Touchstone Energy NC Cotton Festival.  According to the Dunn Chamber of Commerce, the Cotton Festival included – Live Entertainment, The Dunn Shrine Car Show, Kiddie Land, local dance teams, food vendors, as well as many specialty vendors.

Clay met lots of people at this event and they looked like they were glad to see Clay!

Bleecker Chevrolet Dunn Cotton Festival today. Weather was a little cold but still had some people, including Clay Aiken

Glammy Bug Clay Aiken…Awesome Guy, So Very Nice! (w/ Brent Adams & Associates)

Glammy Bug Clay Aiken visiting with the Brent Adams & Associates Crew! (w/ Gloria Allen) Becky Hodges Matthews Becky Allen Pope Glammy Bug


The New York Times published a feature about the mid-term elections on Tuesday.  The site chose a few “Races To Watch”.  The North Carolina District 2 US House was included.  They said:

Clay Aiken brings celebrity factor

Buoyed by his celebrity and by campaign contributions from his famous friends, Clay Aiken, the singer and former “American Idol” runner-up, is making the race in the state’s Second Congressional District interesting. The Republican incumbent, Renee Ellmers, defeated Bob Etheridge, a seven-term Democrat, in 2010, lifted by the Tea Party wave as she campaigned against the Affordable Care Act. Redistricting has increased her chances by subtracting heavily Democratic parts of Raleigh from the district while adding stretches of the state’s more conservative Piedmont area. Ms. Ellmers has attacked Mr. Aiken, her Democratic opponent, as a rubber stamp for the president, attacking what she calls the “Obama-Aiken” economy. Mr. Aiken, who was a special-education teacher before “Idol” made him famous, has said he has nothing to do with the Obama economy.

If you would like to read the entire feature, you can see it at NYTIMES


SHAKEUPWAKE is a grassroots effort to motivate voters to vote on November 4, to bring progressive leadership back to Wake County and to the State of NC.

This innovative idea is fun, but also encourages people to get out and vote.  Clay Aiken participated in the light-hearted video…I am sure it will get you to smile and, hopefully, get you out on Tuesday to VOTE!!


What exciting things are on the calendar for Clay Aiken today?

 It’s always fun to see and hear about the exciting things and interesting people Clay meets on his road to Washington DC. So…stay tuned!!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Don’t Rain On My Parade!

  1. Goodmorning! Website wasn't working first time I tried to respond! Yay for being back now. Great article in Esquire. I finally got a copy! Fabulous video of "Shake it Off"…..shared it already this morning. Great message to get out and VOTE!! Clay for Congress!!!

  2. I can't believe the election is day after tomorrow!!! So nice to see Clay campaigning even through rain & wind. No one deserves to win more than Clay He was smart, articulate & available. Clay for Congress.
    Great blog as always Musicfan.. Thanks

  3. Just finally got to watch the video, loved it, watched it 6 times so far, Clay was great and so cute. love that man!!!

  4. Just finished watching the video, loved it, it was great and so was Clay, love that man! Clay for Congress!!!!

  5. I just got off Twitter. There are over 100 tweets "Bill Mayer skewers Clay Aiken". Now wasn't it just about 2 months ago Mayer picked Renee Ellmers for his final 4 for Flip a district? If one is NOT A Democrat Bill Mayer hates you. This is exactly what Clay is trying to fix. Why doesn't he try to run for office? Sorry for the rant, but it infuriates me Mayer can speak out of both sides of his mouth. Yet nobody calls him on it.

    Thanks for listening!!!

    • It infuriates me too, Clay doesn't need Obama to help him, he is doing GREAT! I'm sure Clay didn't mean it in a bad way. he only speaks for what needs to be done for his district. Hey, Bill don't diss our OMC! We are his supporters and we love him

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