Clay Aiken – Take A Deep Breath and Just Laugh

Sometimes we just need a good laugh and who better to entertain us but Clay Aiken. Yes, he sings like an angel and is a handsome man…….but today we will be entertained by one of the funniest persons around.

Enjoy!! We all need to take a deep breath and just laugh!!

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  1. TY Musicfan. Needed that pick me up. How ironic that the words to Pefect Strangers applies so perfectly to Clay.
    No matter what the odds are this time, Nothing's going to stand in his way. Standing tall on the Wings of His Dreams. Rise & Fall on the Wings His Dreams. Rain & Thunder, He's bound for better days, it's his life and his dream, nothing's going to stop him now.

    No matter what the odds are he rises above and let's nothing stand in his way.

    He truly does give "Every Dark Street a Light at the End"

  2. This is great! A beautiful start to a beautiful day! You're right, we just have to laugh and not get the negativity bring us down. Thank you musicfan.

  3. While I am not nuts about THEME SONGS, Clay has a good time with them. Such an entertainer. 🙂

  4. This brings back memories of Clay singing with our symphony outdoors on a beautiful summer night many years ago. What a fun night that was. It's good to remember how much fun Clay had before politics changed things.

  5. After all of the campaigning, it is refreshing to hear that one-of-a-kind voice!!! Clay has a tremendous legacy of song coupled with an equally hilarious sense of humor. This was a totally enjoyable moment!!

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