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If you are reading this blog, chances are you are a fan of Clay Aiken. So…it follows that you are probably a fan of good music.  Most fans of good music are interested in finding the best place to hear and purchase their musical choices.  Apple and iTunes is hoping that they will be your choice of new music purchases.

I just read some facts about Apple and iTunes that are very interesting.  These facts from April, 2014, contain some very impressive statistics.

  • There are currently 444 Apple stores, in 16 countries.
  • There are in excess of 1 million visitors to those stores on most days.
  • iTunes has 800 million active accounts
  • The iTunes store houses 37 million songs.
    • 450 million TV episodes downloaded via iTunes
    • 11.7 billion songs downloaded from iTunes
    • 100 million movies downloaded via iTunes
    • 35 million books downloaded via iTunes

These numbers seem pretty impressive.

Personally, I use my iTunes account everyday.  I use the new Family Sharing program so I can have my music on my computer, my iPad and my phone.  I like that I can listen to my music through my car when I am driving.

I especially like that I can add whatever music I have into my library.  That means that I can listen to concerts or even listen to special songs that I get from friends and musicians.

Do you use iTunes?

Did you purchase any of Clay’s music from iTunes?

October, 2003

November, 2004

September – 2006

November, 2006

May, 2008

March, 2009

June, 2010

March, 2012

Which one of these albums is your favorite??

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 37 Million Songs

  1. My absolute favorite is Clay's Christmas album. I play it all through the year, and it still seems to take on even more joy at Christmas. Here Clay runs the complete gamut of his sensational vocal abilities. Nevertheless, all of his albums are superb. Each has its own personality, theme, and musical style, and, depending on my mood, brings me hours and hours of listening pleasure. Clay sings with all his heart, drawing from his positive and negative life experiences. No one else even comes close!

  2. i have iTunes and I love it. I have purchased a couple of Clays songs but he is one of the few artists that I prefer to buy the whole cd.

  3. I like them all. However, the first one means so much more to me. I learned all the songs in this album very quickly.

  4. A Thousand Different Ways…but I love all of them. I want more recordings from him….Please Clay..

  5. I can't do it…I love all of them. Now, Clay's "Merry Christmas with Love" is my absolute favourite Christmas CD of all time. I love the "All Is Well" EP (next is "Portrait" by the Carpenters) No one compares to Clay singing Christmas songs.

    I listen to Clay every day, so everything is my favourite…As long as I can hear his voice…I'm good.

  6. It is hard to choose a favorite album…I love them all. However, Clay's Christmas album(s) holds a special place in my heart. Maybe its because I listen to it only during that holiday.
    I have bought all of the albums at local stores, but I did by four copies of Steadfast thru iTunes as gifts. Also used iTunes to buy the single 'Luck be a Lady Tonight' with Clay & Dee.

  7. On My Way Here is my favorite and I still listen to it the most frequently. I've bought all the albums at local stores and Amazon. Unfortunately, still not familiar with using iTunes, etc. Need to get more computer literate one of these days. Thanks goodness I have a cd player in my car!!

  8. Very impressive info regarding iTunes! I download from the iTunes Store a lot.. Easy peasy to get to… I have a great deal of Clays music in my iTunes library..

  9. I think Merry Christmas With Love is my favourite and A Thousand Different Ways used to be my No.2. However I love Steadfast more now and have all the CD's in my collection. The Very Best of Clay Aiken is a great compilation and was very well rerecorded. I was only going to d/l Luck be a Lady Tonight with Dee but my hubby insisted I d/l the whole album to support Dee. Of course, I d/l that from Itunes. However, the song "Gethsemane" beats them all as it is unbelievably beautiful and his range is out of this world. It is Clay like we have never heard him before. I love all his music including the songs he recorded before A.I. It is the only music I listen to because no one holds a candle to him.

  10. Measure of a man is my favorite Clay Aiken CD to listen to. I know every word of every song,I just love it.

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