Clay Aiken – 37 Million Songs

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are a fan of Clay Aiken. So…it follows that you are probably a fan of good music.  Most fans of good music are interested in finding the best place to hear and purchase their musical choices.  Apple and iTunes is hoping that they will be your choice of new music purchases.

I just read some facts about Apple and iTunes that are very interesting.  These facts from April, 2014, contain some very impressive statistics.

  • There are currently 444 Apple stores, in 16 countries.
  • There are in excess of 1 million visitors to those stores on most days.
  • iTunes has 800 million active accounts
  • The iTunes store houses 37 million songs.
    • 450 million TV episodes downloaded via iTunes
    • 11.7 billion songs downloaded from iTunes
    • 100 million movies downloaded via iTunes
    • 35 million books downloaded via iTunes

These numbers seem pretty impressive.

Personally, I use my iTunes account everyday.  I use the new Family Sharing program so I can have my music on my computer, my iPad and my phone.  I like that I can listen to my music through my car when I am driving.

I especially like that I can add whatever music I have into my library.  That means that I can listen to concerts or even listen to special songs that I get from friends and musicians.

Do you use iTunes?

Did you purchase any of Clay’s music from iTunes?

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Which one of these albums is your favorite??

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