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#1 For Clay Aiken

Congratulations to Clay Aiken. His newest CD titled Playlist: The Very Best of Clay Aiken was the top seller for playlist albums this past week.  AND, the album charted at #173.  The total sales for the week were 3,000.  Think how high the sales would have been if there had been some promotion for this album.  The album is well put together and the re-mastered sound is wonderful.

The album was in short supply this week.  It could be ordered through Amazon, but if a person wanted to purchase the CD in person, it was virtually impossible.  As of Wednesday, at noon, the album is #38 in Vocal Pop at Amazon.  There were a few selected Wal-Marts that had about 5 copies and even less BestBuys that were selected to carry the album.  It has been reported that there are still Amazon orders that have not yet arrived at their destination.  You can’t purchase what isn’t available.

On the Billboard charts, the only Playlist albums to chart in the top 200 are:
Aug-30-2008 Playlist: The Very Best of Elvis Presley. It peaked at #188.
Oct-06-2007 Playlist, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds peaked at #48.

Switchfoot also had a Best of…….album that listed at #123 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Clay, we are all proud of you and your great accomplishments in the music industry.  Your next album should be the best yet!

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