Clay Aiken – The Beginning Of Many New Successes

This week, I had the honor of traveling to North Carolina to do a little help on the campaign of Clay Aiken and then attend the “watch party” in Sanford, North Carolina.  What an exciting time.  I am so glad that I was able to join the wonderful group of volunteers that helped the campaign in so many different ways.

We knew we were in the right place when we saw all the media trucks at the restaurant.

The room for the watch party was very nice and was filled with balloons and beautiful flowers.  It even looked like they painted the wall behind the podium a beautiful democratic blue.

Many of the cameras were set up at least an hour before the event started.

Clay’s mom, Faye Parker, was interviewed by many of the TV stations.  They seemed to talk to her a bit before starting to film.  Faye looked lovely in a blue and black sweater and made a point of talking to as many people as she could throughout the night.  She looked and acted so calm all night and tried to make everyone else feel that way too.


Charlie and Tyler are part of “Team Clay”and work with Nick.  They seemed to be enjoying the party but watching to make sure everything was running smoothly.


I would guess that there were about 100 to 125 people attending the party.  There was a bar in one corner, a DJ in another corner and computer screens up in a few places so the results of the race could be watched.  But, a highlight was the opportunity to talk to so many people.  I met and re-met so many wonderful people…some that I only knew by name.  The supporters of Clay are all so nice and it was an honor to spend time with so many friends.

I met a lovely young lady who was at the watch party with her dad.  Katie(Y) is 19 and she had the opportunity to meet and speak with Clay when he was at one of the football games this fall.  She seemed excited to be at the party and it was fun to chat with her.  She was excited to meet Faye Parker, Nick and Charlie.  It was a pleasure to get to know her and see the political process through the eyes of a knowledgable young person.  Her patient dad was great too and so proud of his daughter.

My new friend Katie is taking Clay’s picture (to his left)

I also had the opportunity to chat with a man who was standing all alone.  We chatted for a few minutes and he was so complementary in his comments about Clay.  Towards the end of the conversation, he introduced himself and he is a reporter for the News and Observer!!  YIKES!!!

As the evening continued, we all knew that the results of the evening were not showing up the way he had hoped for, but, I didn’t see any tears, just a wonderful group of people who were proud of Clay and the way he ran his campaign.

Later in the evening, Clay entered the room to applause and a standing ovation.  He looked excited and ready to meet the next challenge, whatever it is.  Clay spoke without notes and you could tell it was from his heart.  I never would call it a concession, but a call to action.  Clay spoke of the opportunities that he has to speak for those who need help and that he will never stop standing up for those who need to be heard.  When talking about his staff, you could tell he was proud of their work and support.  More than once, he thanked each person for all the work and support they had given to “Team Clay”.

At the end of his speech, the entire group was energized and excited about whatever Clay chooses to do next.  It seemed like it was the beginning of many new successes.

I took a few pictures with my phone, but SueReu took some beautiful pictures.  I hope you enjoy them!!


I do hope you will check in again tomorrow.  We will always report the news when it is available.

Hopefully, Clay will have the opportunity to just “veg” for a few days and catch up on a bit of sleep!


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  1. I’m so proud of the classy and gracious way Clay has handled himself through this whole process. Did you notice Aol/huffington even posted about it? am wishing him the best and I’m excited to see what is next.

  2. Wow Martha what an exciting time for you to witness all of this. You really deserved it. I agree it didn't sound like a "concession" speech either. It sounded like one of promise of looking forward.
    I am surprised though that 112,000 voted for Ellmers after Clay showed how useless as a Representative she was. (Scary really). Oh well, I am so very, very proud of Clay & his team. From no one taking him seriously into 40% of the vote speaks for itself.

  3. Thanks for the post Musicfan, still feeling a bit sad but hopeful for Clay's future, maybe God has a better plan for him, I pray he will find a new venture that will make him happy. God bless him, I always wish him the best. Love that man!

  4. who knows God must have a better plan for clay he a wonderful man and smart,keep going clay,we love you and praying for you.get a lot of rest.

  5. Thank you for being there and sharing with the rest go us. Quick question. Is Charlie the taller skinny kid or the shorter young man. I’ve talked with Charlie on the phone and he helped me with a significant problem, so I want to know which one he is. I sent a thank you to everyone whose email I had ( a group thank you) to Charlie, Ellen (who was in charge of phone bank stuff), Nick, and Tucker. I thought they did a wonderful. Job – just would like. To see some additional buttons on the phone bank – maybe a button for a. Comment.

    Thank you again. So glad so many fans were there to show their love and support. I don’t think Clay can win in that district as it is drawn – too red neck in the rural areas. He only prevailed hi Hoke and Wake – and not by a lot.

    In the calls I did, I found a lot of prejudice because he is gay, especially in the rural areas.

    People – especially the self described “good ole boys,” didn’t even want to know anything else about him, hips platform or ideas. They still consider sexual orientation a choice and believe that anyone who is gay is automatically also promiscuous. Pity!

    If David Price retires in 2016, maybe he could win in that district, especially with David’s recommendation.

  6. Clay made us all feel better about the loss by giving a really classy speech. I think 40% of the vote going his way, was amazing considering what Clay was up against. So glad you and SueRue got to be in the room on Tues. evening and share with us the photos and atmosphere.

  7. I agree. I have always wondered why some people don't like him. They are downright mean!! I truly are jealous of him. He is down to earth, smart good looking. The haters are going to criticize him no matter what. Let them. We all know better.

  8. Clay I am so proud of you, for your love and determination to help others. You don't need to win a congress seat to prove your importance. You have made such a difference already in so many ways. Your heart is in the right place. You have so many people behind you. Your devoted friend.

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