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Last week, Buddy TV published an article about the docu-series that will be shown on the Esquire Network.  (See blog from November 7 – Smart & Thoughtful). Clay allowed cameras into his campaign to follow his campaign journey. Filmmakers Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn are at the helm of this project which will be a four-hour docu-series.

But…as with much good news, someone always tries to “rain on the parade.”  A couple of people published an article calling the documentary, a “reality TV show”.  They even had the gall to insinuate that the only reason Clay ran for office was to get back on TV…yeah…someone actually said that!!

On Wednesday, Jonathan Chinn finally spoke up about the “rumors”…The following was published at The Hollywood Reporter:

The Hollywood Reporter -Producer Jonathan Chinn shoots down complaints by some donors who claim they were “duped”

Clay Aiken‘s congressional bid may have ended in disappointment Nov. 4, but his campaign will live on. In early 2015, the Esquire Network will air a four-hour docuseries on the race — which ended with GOP incumbent Renee Ellmers‘ 18-point win — from Lightbox’s Simon and Jonathan Chinn, who compare their series to such sober fare as The War Room and Mitt.

The project came together in February after Jonathan flew to Aiken’s North Carolina campaign headquarters to court the American Idol alum, whom he found to be “intelligent, highly motivated and incredibly sincere.” Aiken, 35, agreed to grant the duo full access, and Esquire came on board shortly after that. (“There was no ‘deal’ — he signed an appearance release,” says Jonathan, who dismisses complaints from some donors now claiming to have been “duped” as “much ado about nothing.”)

The production kept as “low a profile as possible” until its Election Day announcement, hours after Aiken’s concession speech. Recalls Jonathan, “It was a gloomy room.”

I am so glad that we will have the opportunity to see more of the story of Clay’s campaign for the House of Representative.  I assume it will be filled with the highs and lows of politics and will show the hard work from Clay and his team.  I hope you will visit the article at the Hollywood Reporter.  The amount of hits at a site are important to the writer and the site.  You can see the article at THR

I wanted to know more about Simon and Jonathan Chinn so I did a bit of research.

I found the following information about the Chinn cousins and their company, Lightbox:

Founded by cousins Jonathan Chinn and Simon Chinn, LIGHTBOX is a multi-platform media company which creates high quality non-fiction content for the international television and digital marketplaces.  With offices in London and Los Angeles it is perfectly placed to exploit the opportunities both to produce in and for both markets.

The recipient of multiple awards for their productions – including two Academy Awards, two BAFTAs and an Emmy – Simon and Jonathan’s partnership represents a seamless melding of two distinct but compatible backgrounds and a strongly shared creative sensibility.  Drawing on its unique and longstanding relationships with the best creative talent in the industry, LIGHTBOX is positioned to become one of the pioneering non-fiction content providers in the rapidly changing landscape of new programming and viewing platforms.

It certainly looks like the top people in the field are working on the docu-series.  You can read more at LIGHTBOX  

And…because Jonathan Chinn spoke up, one would assume the silly gossip will go away…I mean the gossip sites will always find something else to report about.

Do you get the Esquire Network on your TV?

Will you be watching the docu-series?


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3 thoughts on “Showing Hard Work From Clay Aiken

  1. I always assume there is an agenda behind attacks. Clay talked about people who are stuck in the 'I need to bring someone down in order to win or feel better about myself' pattern. It's a pattern that is perpetuating because they seem to work and it's a quick and easy fix. The majority need to stand up and speak up for what is right. That's what Clay's campaign is about. We will continue to stand with Clay and stand for what is right.

    When the media or anyone is looking for a fact checker, come to the Clay News Network where the real story is. Pick up materials from CANN, I am sure some do. Well again, that depends on what's on their agenda. Thanks CANN!!

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