Clay Aiken – Real Updates!

It is always fun when there is up-to -date information to share about Clay Aiken.  On Thursday, there was some very nice things to read about Clay!

Clay tweeted that he was attending an event in North Carolina:

Celebrating the holidays with some of NC most dedicated volunteers: the So blessed to know them all!

Thanks, Clay for letting us know you had a good time with the Randolph County Democrats!

From Facebook, we learned that Clay posed for a “selfie” at Amoroso’s Bakery after buying a delicious cheesecake.

If you like to read exciting and complimentary things about Clay Aiken, you should visit this FaceBook Page.


This thread is devoted to Motown, Philly Soul and other great music from the 1960’s, 1970’s and beyond.

This week, the site wrote three posts about Clay and linked a great video of Clay singing to each post. Later, they posted more videos with comments…each one is amazing.   I hope you will visit the site and let them know you enjoyed the posts.  You can reach the site at GREATMUSIC

This runner up from American Idol a few years back has one of the finest tenor voices I have ever heard. He should have won, easily….but what do I know? I just used to sing…

Anyway….you listen to him here…and remember how I speak of vocal inflection….this kid has it in spades!!!! He is a fantastic singer!!!!

I don’t easily say this…but I would venture to say that this man is about as good as any contemporary tenor today….bar none!!!

He has a unique combination of power and control…goes from singing gently to powerfully with little effort…and never loses control of that voice!!!

His voice has sweet and rich tone…such a gorgeous vibrato….and it’s all effortless. THAT is singing!!!


What a performance!!! Just listen to that voice!!!!

Effortless beauty…..grand and glorious!!!!

Isn’t it nice to read such wonderful things about Clay?

I hope you will make sure the writer gets some clicks and comments on his site.

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  1. So nice to see such great comments. They know a great voice when they hear it. I always loved MDYK and he sings it beyond perfection and was no exception when he was on The View.
    The other choices were excellent as well. But he does have the best voice out there, glad to see others feeling it as well. When he sings Christmas songs just makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

  2. I am so excited to see NEW news about Clay. He looks wonderful of course. I hope we keep seeing more & more news about him. I'm also glad to see he kept his new hair style. This was a great blog, great comments (all of which I agree with). No one does Christmas like Clay Aiken!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the intro to this facebook page. I must have spent an hour listening and reading the posts. I hope it will introduce more music fans to Clay.
    I hope you and your family are surviving the storms in Calif. It looks really bad on TV.

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