Clay Aiken – “A Master of Character”

For some reason I smile when January 18th comes around.  All I can think about is January 18, 2008.  That was the day that Clay Aiken made his Broadway debut in the hilarious Spamalot.  Playing multiple roles, Clay portrayed a friar, a guard, another guard, and the cowardly Sir Robin, the knight who is a bit of a chicken, afraid of everything and loves to sing.

The role of Sir Robin is a lead part in Spamalot and was originated by David Hyde Pierce.  Spamalot is a Tony winning musical.  It was directed by Mike Nichols and co-created by Eric Idle.  Clay said that the chance to work with both of these men was “a reason to jump at the opportunity.”

The crowds loved Clay, but so did Mike Nichols.  He said:

Clay Aiken is amazing beyond that glorious voice.  Turns out he is an excellent comic actor and a master of character.  People will be surprised by his wide-ranging talent.

Besides the good words from Nichols, Clay also got great reviews from the Broadway critics.  The following review from Newsday is a fun read.  Remember, if you can’t read it, just click on the picture and it will become enlarged.

I was one of the lucky people who had the opportunity to see Clay on Broadway more than once.  I was even lucky enough to sit in the right seat one night and be the appointed peasant of the night.  I loved seeing Clay act, sing and dance…”all at the same time.”

I am sure that Clay will return to Broadway someday.  I can’t wait.  Whatever role he chooses will be interesting and exciting.

Hosaa has put together a wonderful Spamalot montage.  She shows the special relationship between Clay Aiken and his fans.  It’s a must-see.

Two days before Clay opened in Spamalot, he visited with ET and he gave a cute interview about his preparation for the show.

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  1. Sure was nice watching that interview again! I so wish I had been able to make that trip to NYC to see a performance or two, lol! HOW lucky you guys were who DID!!

  2. Wish i could have seen the show live but appreciate the clack, Clay's a great entertainer. Thanks Musicfan

  3. I echo gaymarie1's comment that I too wish I could've gone to see him on Broadway. I did get to see Spamalot in Detroit during the time OMC was on "The Great White Way…" Not the same for sure, but the best characters were Sir Robin & Patsy… Comic relief!!! Thanks as always for the trips down memory lane. Keep posting!!!

  4. Again, I wished I could have seen Clay on that Broadway stage, We the fans already knew of Clay’s other talents by seeing him in concert. Spamalot brought those extra talents to the Broadway public and he was cheered by critics and fans alike, Thank you, Musicfan, I read and watch the videos every day! You are so appreciated beyond words.

  5. Loved watching the videos again. Hard to believe it's been 7 years. yikes…where has the time gone. Clay was great as Sir Robin. So glad I was able to make 2 trips to NYC to see him. Hope he returns to Broadway again….I will be there for sure!!

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