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The Year: 1923 The Song: Who’s Sorry Now? The composers: Ted Snyder, Bert Kalmer and Harry Ruby. This song was originally recorded by Isham Jones & his Orchestra in 1923.

I bet these talented men never envisioned their project sung in so many different styles as it was on the Tried & True Tour. Clay Aiken is a genius for thinking of this funny section of his concert.

Who’s Sorry Now? was featured in the film, A Night in Casablanca. This 1946 movie starred The Marx Brothers. The song has been recorded many times. The most famous recording was by Connie FrancisĀ in 1958. Other artists who have recorded the song include Ella Fitzgerald, Marie Osmond, Harry Connick, Jr. and, of course, Clay Aiken.

The following videos show some different styles of Who’s Sorry Now. A big thank you to Clay and all the band members and a huge Hug and Thank you to the fans who shared these videos with us!

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  1. This song will stick in my mind for years to come, as he sang it to me over the phone. He was in Chicago, and a friend was giving me a cellcert. He grabbed the phone and asked why I was not there, since I live in Ohio. He shut off with a bang!!! LOL Then, he sang the song, and kept looking at the phone, etc. Very funny!

  2. That was so much fun to see these again…..Clay is so good at improv…..he really is… One of the reasons why he is so good in concert. You just never know!!!!! lol

  3. Clay is truly an artist. Not just a great singer but a smart and creative one too! A total entertainer is what he is, constantly surprising his audience with new ideas and hilarious banter that every concert is a pure joy. I wish he would tour again soon and let us hear that great voice once more… Thanks Martha!!!

  4. When Clay was on American Idol, he was a natural at improve, during their skits and when joking around with his fellow castmates, Ryan and the Judges. I enjoy this part of his show. As a matter of fact, Clay's whole show is worth while. Thank you, musicfan for the memories!

  5. The "Who's Sorry Now" segments were the best parts of the TNT tour! Clay has such a wonderfully goofy sense of humor and great musical and comedy improv skills (remember "The Revival" with Ruben during Timeless Tour & the Puppet Up segment on CA where he & Lisa Lampanelli tore up the audience and impressed the puppet professionals?). He's especially fantastic with Quiana as his partner in crime. Thanks for reminding us of how much fun a Clay concert always is!

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