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I am a big fan of YouTube. I love being able to find some great videos of my favorite performers and I can watch them for free…and as many times as I want.  #1 on my list of performers to watch is Clay Aiken; I also love pulling up figure skating videos…anyone else like watching Michelle Kwan or Brian Boitano?

YouTube was created by three engineers in San Bruno, California in 2005.  The three men met while working at PayPal.  It seems the idea of YouTube came about because the three were trying to share videos taken during a party in San Francisco.  I am sure these talented young men had no idea they were creating one of the largest and most successful social networking site on the Internet.

I visited a site called Digital Marketing Ramblings. On January 2, 2015, Craig Smith compiled statistics from different sources about You Tube. He then wrote an article titled: By The Numbers: 60 Amazing You Tube Statistics. According the Smith, the numbers in this article are the latest that are available. Take a look at the following statistics about YouTube.  I was amazed and I think you will be too.

How many people use You Tube?

1 billion


How many video views on You Tube per day?

4 billion


Hours of video watched per month on You Tube

6 billion


How much video is uploaded to You Tube per minute?

100 hours


Number of days worth of You Tube videos that are viewed on Facebook every minute



These are astounding figures.  I knew YouTube was popular, but I had no idea it was so large. If you want to see more of the numbers, you can read them at DMR

So…lets do an experiment. How about if each one of us watches the YouTube on this article.  After you click on the arrow in the middle of the screen:

  1. Click on the YouTube sign at the bottom right corner.
  2. Watch the video
  3. Click on the Like button
  4. Write a short comment under the video…It can be as easy as “I love this video by Clay Aiken”
  5. Check here tomorrow to see if we added some plays and likes!!

It’s a win-win situation. We get to watch Clay Aiken and Clay gets hits on his video!!  When I posted this video, the number was 19,439.

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  1. Brilliant and perfection!!! I can do a thumbs up but I can't seem to comment on youtube anymore! The box keeps saying "opening" but still can't type in it! Grrrr!

  2. I rarely go to youtube anymore……..vids don't play right for me. I don't know if it's my computer or youtube. I did, however, go to watch this wonderful video and even with the problems I have with the site, it was absolutely GREAT to see this again!!!!!!! Thank you!! Also, thanks for including one of my photos yesterday!! aka-Shenandoah2

    • So glad you let me know!!! A big thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures with the fandom. You have some real winners!!

  3. The best version of all!!! Done with steps 1 to 4… Will check back tomorrow.. Thanks Martha 🙂

  4. Wonderful! Miss this guy so much. Brilliant arrangement & performance by Clay as always.

  5. I am a big YouTube fan. I have a huge playlist of my one and only Clay Aiken. I can watch any video and montage I want: American Idol, his tours, TV appearances, plus more. I do miss Clay so much, but I'm thankful for YouTube, it lessens the pain!

  6. I have heard many versions of "Unchained Melody", but all of them are miles away when it comes to Clay's rendition. He was thrilled to finally have an arrangement of this song that he could call his own. I am elated that I can play it over, and over, and over while watching it on YouTube! Are any of you old enough to remember singing "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better'? Well, Clay can top anyone when it comes to vocals!! Clay doesn't just mouth his lyrics with a few gesters and facial expressions thrown in. He sings from the inside out, meaning he allows us to experience the feelings he himself has encountered, good or bad, so that the lyrics become very REAL "Real" actually is a wonderful word to describe Mr. Aiken!

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