Clay Aiken – Pies, Commercials And Nasty Fights


On Sunday, January 4th, NBC aired the first episode of the 7th season of Celebrity Apprentice…and then just one night later they aired two more episodes. That’s a lot of Donald Trump in 24 hours!!

According to Andy Swift at TVLine, the show was taped 8 months ago. So far, the teams have made and sold pies, made a commercial and hosted a food tasting for a frozen food company. And three people have already been eliminated!

When Clay Aiken was on Celebrity Apprentice, I thought it was great to see him on TV at least once a week. I enjoyed watching him excel every week. I did NOT enjoy the finale!!!

I am glad that I saved some pictures from the show!

Will you be watching this season of Celebrity Apprentice?

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  1. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Clay and his teams exhibit terrific creativity, talent not before seen (such as "Puppet Up!"), careful strategies, and the management of a few problematic contestants. I certainly did not anticipate the unfairly rigged conclusion and will never again view "Celebrity Apprentice". I am sad to say I lost a great deal of respect for The Donald.

  2. I won't be watching for two reasons.

    First of all, I don't think DT is fair. He chooses the person he wants to win regardless of how much $$ is raised or of whose final task far surpasses the other person's. We all KNOW that Clay was the real winner.

    And secondly, I read the cast list for this season and have not heard of most of them.

    Too bad–I loved the season that Clay was on–looked forward to it every Sunday night.
    But, now I will be watching Downton Abbey instead.

  3. I don't think one single person liked the ending of that show. Ask any non-fan of Clay's and they will agree, Clay deserved that win!!! That aside lol, I enjoyed seeing Clay every single week on my tv!! I wish I could have BEEN at that beach party! I wonder what the heck is in store for him this year! Whatever it is, I'll be here!!

  4. I agree with Gaymarie1. Not a single person liked the ending of that show and I think that was one of the biggest mistake Mr. Trump has made. It also makes me wonder how often Clay has been misjudged and misinterpreted. So sad… Well, what matters is he'll always have us "Claymates", through thick and thin…

  5. I have watched only one season of Celeb. Apprentice and you can bet it was the one with Clay. He got the guys working together so well and raising money for their charities. Then they were split up and Clay managed to work along with some of the women who were difficult to say the least. But Clay came out on top and should have won by all accounts. It was so much fun to watch him try his best week after week. He proved he can work with anyone. Too bad the voters in the Nov. elections didn't understand that.

    • Yeah all haters constantly posted that clay was just a two time loser. Without understanding how hard Celebrity Apprentice really is. All the other celebrities came to love and respect him.really wonder what it would have been like if he had actually been named The Celebrity Apprentice instead of Arsenio . Like we all know he should have.

  6. First of all, (pardon the language) HELL NO! Clay was totally robbed. He showed that he is a team player and a better Project Manager. I like Arsenio, but he did not deserve the win. Clay raised more money, his party was more entertaining and most of the other contestants picked him to be the winner! I knew when Donald showed up for Clay's party he was not impressed or interested with the festivities The entertainment of Clay's team was far better, too. I did not appreciate the humor of Arsenio's fellow teammates, either. Some of the jokes I found distasteful. Donald has been known to pick the wrong people as his Celebrity Apprentice in the past. Not picking Clay as the true winner, broke the camel's back.

  7. I also lost respect for DT after that season clay was on. He won the competition far above Arsenio. everything clay did in the final competition he won by a landslide. If you watch all the way through DT is always talking about Magic Johnson so he you really could tell that he was going to choose Arsenio. I just saw where DT fired "Rudy" from The Cosby Show because she refused to call him (Cosby) to get him to help her with their project. Who would??? Cosby has sort of withdrawn from the public for right now. Why in the world would D T expect her to call him. I wish people would not watch it because of the way he does things. I really did love the year clay was on. And like I have said several times Clay WON!!!!!!!! we all know that!! Waiting to hear what's next for Clay.
    As always thanks so much music fan.

  8. Thanks for saving the great pics and no I won't be watching CA because I know that Clay was not fairly judged, he did raise the most money and he worked so hard to succeed and in my mind he did succeed and should have won!! Thanks Musicfan for the pics.

  9. I have to admit that I watched about 10 minutes of the show on Sunday…I just couldn't watch anymore. I am NOT a fan of the Donald!! However, I love the pictures of Clay and loved watching him each week when he was on!!

  10. I found Clay to be quite impressive on his Season of Celebrity Apprentice. He worked hard, and showed great business sense, keeping a binder with records of project plans, staying focused on the task at hand and demonstrating strong leadership skills. Combined with his fundraising skills and outstanding final challenge, a well planned Charity event that raised far more money for his charity event than his competition, he should have been an easy winner. Clay never fails to amaze us with the dept of his talents.
    Thanks for bring back the memories.

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