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I hope you will indulge me a bit today as I go off on a different path today. Yes…I know the name on this blog is Clay Aiken, but since Clay is busy getting ready for his new project and not in the public eye, I thought I might share this bit of music with you. Don’t worry …tomorrow we will be back chatting about Clay!!

At the end of 2014, I was on YouTube, trying to find something special. I was lucky. I found a wonderful performance by the classical boy-band called Collabro. These five talented young men won Britain’s Got Talent on June 7, 2014.

Collabro auditioned for the show in London after they had been together for only 1 month. The judges were dubious about hearing them sing, but seemed shocked when they heard how musical and exciting their performance became.

Why did I like the group so much? They weren’t perfect, but they were amazing in the way they harmonized and matched their voices. No one tried to be the star…they were all important. I also was excited that these were 5 young talents who had regular day jobs: Richard was a laborer, Michael a sales assistant in a gas station, Matt a kitchen salesman, Thomas worked in a Japanese restaurant while Jamie worked in a hospital.

During the live final on June 7th, Collabro won the competition and with 26.5% of the vote, a wide margin.

I have included two You Tubes. The first one is their audition for the show. It was laughable to watch the judges faces change from disgust to excitement.

The second YouTube is their Semi-final performance. I hope you will enjoy the group as much as I do.

Well…what do you think?

I would love to read your comment!

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Different Path Today

  1. Beautiful vocals from these five. Music is changing again, now it about the vocals. Look at Lady GaGa, her amazing performance the other night brought rave reviews. We the fans of OMC cherished every moment of witnessing his amazing talent through these past years, and are looking forward to more of the same. Thank you, musicfan for the discovery of these fine young men, I'm sure we will be hearing from them soon. Clay, probably has seen them, too! He admires great musical talent

  2. Collabaro is a fantastic new presence on the music scene! It is difficult to believe they rehearsed only a month prior to their appearance on "Britain's Got Talent". I rejoice every time I see Simon have to give kudos to performers who leave him no room for snide comments! I hope their recordings find their way into the U.S. market. Thanks for introducing these talented young men to us.

  3. What an amazing blog. Ever since Susan Boyle I I have followed BGT. This performance was incredible!!! How do you come up with all of these? Great job! Really enjoyed this.

  4. Don't post much, but those boys have it all. Good looks, great stage personalities, and incredible voices. Broadway bound!!

  5. What a fantastic way to begin a really cold morning (-3 degrees). The 5 young men of Collabro warmed my heart with their beautiful voices and moving songs. Thank you so much for sharing this youtube video with us. Clay wouldn't mind giving up a day as a headliner on this site so that we could enjoy these winners.

  6. Musicfan I seldom leave any comments here but first thank you for sharing this to us.
    Their voices are indeed AWESOME! Btw, the middle kid's eye if you stare at it looks like the eye of CLAY. Again, thank you

  7. Love Collabro! They all have such beautiful voices and their harmony is perfect. Thanks for letting us see this fantastic group. Hope I can see more of them! Love Clay always!

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