Clay Aiken – Short and Fun!

Friday was a busy day at the Musicfan household. So… we will keep this blog short and, hopefully, fun.

On March 4, 2004, Clay Aiken made a visit to The View.  Star Jones was the host that led the interview.

  1. When Clay was announced, Invisible was played in the background.
  2. The main topic of the visit was a promotion of the Arthur Audio CD.
  3. There were lots of short topics that were discussed: Best/worst of being in the public eye, his charity work, and Fantasia at American Idol.
  4. Clay ended the interview by singing “The Way”.

 Do you remember this visit?


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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Short and Fun!

  1. Oh heck yeah I remember this show! He was fantastic and oh so handsome! Thanks for posting and enjoy that family of yours!!!

  2. Love the video, Clay is so handsome and you can tell that his foundation is very important to him, God bless him. Thanks Musicfan xo

  3. I was at work that day and was heartbroken that I missed it, Thank God for You Tube, and now you musicfan for posting this episode. Clay is so well gracious and informative. His performance of "The Way" was mesmerizing and the audience were so applauding and screaming at the end.

  4. I too was still working at that time and didn't get a home computer till many years later.
    I missed so many of Clay's early appearances on TV. Somehow I also missed this youtube
    performance. Clay changed up the way he sang this song and it sounded much different that what I'm used to, but still delightful.

  5. I just do not know how you do this, Musicfan, even on a busy day at your household. Thanks again and again!!

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