Clay Aiken – Burgers, Polls, and Anticipation

It is always nice when there is up-to-date news to report about.  Today there are a few small mentions, but all are good and a bit of fun too.

The website, posted an article called The Best Burger in Every State In America.

On March 1st, Clay Aiken posted a tweet congratulating Johnson’s Drive In – Siler City.  This small diner is only open for four hours a day, five days a week and is famous for its Velveeta-topped patties. It seems there is usually a long line!

Congratulations to my friends at Johnson’s in !! I TOTALLY agree! SOOOOO good

One thing that made this fun was the feedback I got when I posted this on the CANN Facebook page…the post reached 1,830 people. It seems like that is a lot of people who like Clay and like burgers!!


Clay was nominated by as one of their Most Eligible Bachelors of 2015.  They listed the top 100 bachelors and ran a poll through the month of February.  It was requested that people vote once a day.

On March 2nd, the results of the poll were posted.

Picture from Poll

The site said:

We provided a list of 100 of the most dateable guys on the planet and asked you to vote. Here are the results:

5. Tyler Oakley

4. Johnny Weir

3. Chris Salvatore

2. Clay Aiken

1. Adam Lambert

If you would like to see the entire list of the winners (with their pictures), visit BACHELORPOLL


As most of you know, Clay announced a few weeks ago that he would be making some changes to his OFC website.  To quote Clay:

…I don’t want you getting all in a tizzy! We’re going to be making some pretty drastic changes to the website…

…When this site goes away, it will probably be replaced by a temporary page…

So, on Monday, the temporary page was posted.  It is obviously a work in progress and I look forward to seeing the progression of the site.  I do like the picture on the temporary page…do you???

If you want to visit the site, click on CLAYSPAGE 

So…let us hope that there will be more and more news as time goes by.

 I am excited to learn about Clay’s new path.

 Whatever it is, I am sure it is going to be amazing!

What do you think Clay will be doing the rest of the year?


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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Burgers, Polls, and Anticipation

  1. Clay is so jam-packed with surprises that it is absurd to guess his next move. Perhaps there may be a talk show. Is there a possibility he will appear on stage again? Could there be love in the air? Perchance Clay will be taking another stab at Congress in the coming election as a New Yorker!!! Silly me. I am positive all of the above speculation is miles away from the actuality. So I am just going to settle down and enjoy our “man of mystery” and hope that the good news will be coming forth a bit sooner than “soon”!

  2. What a handsome guy! It seems Clay get more handsome and charming as the years pass. Be still my heart!

  3. So loving the picture!!! He looks so dapper and handsome as ever 🙂 Tried to access the temporary site but can't get through, just shows the picture above…

    I'm excited and looking forward to what he has in store for us this year…

    Thanks CANN!!!

  4. I love the photo! I wish they would have used another photo for Most Eligible Bachelor for Clay. I like the one you use on CANN much better. Adam Lambert REALLY??????
    Very excited to see what is coming!!!

    Thanks Martha

  5. Clay looks very distinguished but open and accepting in this photo. Handsome, too.
    I had tried to log onto his official site in Jan. but could not. My membership had expired in late 2014 without my knowledge. When I contacted groundcontrol, I was told they were working on a new site and would let me know when it would be up and running. I've not been able to read the blogs that Clay wrote unless you posted a shortened version here. I miss Clay!

  6. Oh love that photo, such a handsome man!!!! Love that he Is in second place on the Bachelor Poll.

  7. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on things. Sometimes your blog (which comes to my email) is the only thing I have the opportunity to read – this is one of those times. Great to have some news today ! Congrats to Clay in the Top 10 of's most eligible bachelors of 2015.

  8. Thanks for the Blog Musicfan…Love catching up with all things Clay!!!! Love his new picture on the OFC site.

  9. Have to confess I prefer the scruffy, blue sweater/check shirt, bedroom eyes "pop artist" Curtis Brown portrait over the classic suit "public figure" picture up currently on clayonline. Regardless, he is never fails to be handsome and engaging . Although he may have the #2 spot locked in various competitions and polls, he surely remains always #1 to his fans, especially those who've been on the journey with him since 2003. Clay Aiken is unquestionably the most intriguing, articulate, multi-talented, and versatile of all Idol alums male or female! Breaking news is sure to be wonderful when "soon" comes!

  10. I thought I might be the sole person who could not access Clay's blog. I, too, sent an e-mail but received a response of "We will be in contact with you in the near future". There was also no way to renew a membership. It's a shame ALL of Clay's fans weren't fortunate enough to be included. This blog is the ONLY one missing in my scrapbooks!

  11. As you probably know, I cannot post the blog on this site. Because this is a site that is open to all, I have to be careful what I post. I do hate to see that some of you did not see the blog. If you contact me either through PM at The Clayboard or Clayversity and give me your email, I will send the blog to you. (My name at both places is Clayskater) Or…you can message me at Facebook at the CANN site.

    If this doesn't help, you can email this site…however, the email goes directly to Deona who will forward it to me. It just takes a bit more time.

    I hope this helps.

    Musicfan (Martha)

  12. A great picture. I can not see the blogs, but the pictures and videos are great. Thank you musicfan for all that you do.

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