Clay Aiken – “It’s Really All About The Fans”

It is always easy to post when you come across a positive mention of Clay Aiken and you have the pictures and videos to help out.  I stumbled across this article and, although it’s not new, I did not remember reading it.  I bet some of you need a refresher too.

In 2006, Clay was out and about promoting his Cd, A Thousand Different Ways.  One of the most interesting stops was to record the Walmart Soundcheck.  This event produced some wonderful videos of Clay singing some of my favorite songs from the album.  The following is what the Wal-Mart Soundcheck crew wrote about the event:

Idol Worship
The Wal-Mart Soundcheck crew made their way back to one of its favorite locations, Conway Studios in Los Angeles, to meet up with one of America’s top young singers – the charismatic Clay Aiken.

New Look, New Songs
We met up with Clay backstage in the green room and discovered a whole new look for the former Idol star. Besides the dramatic new appearance, we were briefed on and listened to pieces of the new record. It was a humbling experience to get to hear songs that the legend Clive Davis helped pick out personally for Clay.

Electric / Acoustic Combo
The setup for the performance featured the best of both worlds: a touch of acoustic and electric instrumentation, and our star, Mr. Aiken, fronting the band on lead vocals.

Love Songs
All the songs in this performance come from Clay’s new love songs record, A Thousand Different Ways. The set list, in order, featured “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do (I Do It for You),” “A Thousand Days” and the Dolly Parton hit, “Here You Come Again” – a good mix of original cuts and classic covers fans are sure to love.

The Love of Music
Clay’s one of the most laid back, gracious guests we’ve ever had at Soundcheck and his passion for music is clearly evident. “I like being able to say I do what I love, and not many people can say they love what they do for a living these days,” he said. “Everything that’s happened to me is because I’ve been open to opportunities as they presented themselves. So I don’t really think about where I’ll be in five years, I think more in terms of being happy and letting happiness lead my path.”

The Love for His Fans
There’s a reason this man has so many ‘Claymates.’ “It’s really all about the fans,” Aiken says. “I say thank you a lot, and it’s really not a big enough word; so let me say it again how much I appreciate their support for allowing me to do what I love to do.”

A Royal Treat
We weren’t sure what to expect in our first session with Clay. We had heard that he was a nice guy, but one never knows with fame and success. But we’re pleased to say that the Clay Aiken everyone came to love is still the same Clay Aiken of today. He is without a doubt one of the nicest artists we’ve had the pleasure to work with on the show, and can clearly see why his fans are so loyal.

Enjoy the show, Claymates!

-The Crew at Wal-Mart Soundcheck

I always enjoy reading articles like this.  The more you know Clay, the more you love and respect him!!  I am posting the interview and two of my favorite songs.


Had you read this review before? 

Which is your favorite song on ATDW?

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “It’s Really All About The Fans”

  1. I loved Clay's new look back in 2006. Those songs brought back many memories, but "Without You" is my favorite. Clay's soothing voice just makes me melt. I did enjoy listening again, the many songs you posted.
    Thank you, Musicfan

  2. So nice to see these videos again, Clay is a wonderful man and he's loved dearly for the person he always is. Thanks Musicfan xo

  3. I never read this article before. Thanks Musicfan. How on earth did we miss it????? Loved it, and loved the videos.

  4. Thank you for this musicfan. Have not read this before but have heard him say thank you SO MANY TIMES and seen him show his appreciation in so many ways, it will last me a lifetime.

  5. I'd never read this article before, so thanks as always for sharing. There's no doubt my favorite on this album is A Thousand Days!!! He loves his fans as much as we love him!!!! Can't wait to see what's next with this charismatic young man!!!

  6. This article is new to me. Thanks for finding it. Two of my favorite songs are "Here You Come Again" and "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word". In my opinion Clay sings them better than the artists who wrote and performed them. I enjoy seeing Andy Abad playing lead guitar in these videos. He travelled with Clay on most of the tours over many years.

  7. I remember this article quite well and love what they said! I must have gone back to this soundcheck a hundred times….maybe more! It is hard to pick a favorite song here, kind of like picking your favorite child. I have always loved Without You and the way he does that song is amazing! Here You Come Again is also so well done. I like this arrangement very much!

  8. An excellent interview and report. I think that Clay surprised many people who wanted to dislike him but instead thought he was great.

    Thanks for posting this.

  9. Loved that interview! I don't think I saw it before. I had heard about Clay from friends who watched AI. I didn't start watching it until I think 2006. When he came out at the season finale with Michael Sandecki. I had no clue that that was Clay, everyone was screaming and I was blown away by his looks. And that was it for me; been a fan ever since. I wish him the best and hope to hear more music from him. I'm curious as to what he'll be doing.

  10. I do not remember this interview, but it is the best one with Clay, since he talks about so many things he injoys in his life, at this time.

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