Clay Aiken – Two Famous Names

Clay Aiken – Ruben Studdard……two of the most famous names in American Idol history. In 2003, Season Two of American Idol was popular because of the talent, but also because Clay and Ruben were promoted as big rivals. Thank goodness both young men became good friends and to this day, enjoy each others company.

I thought it might be fun to remember some of the great times the two have had together.

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  1. Oh wow, Time of my Life was fantastic! Thanks SueReu! I'm not sure I've seen that before!!! Weren't they both fabulous??!! Great friendship and it has lasted over all these years!!! I'll always love the Jesus Is Love video too. I could not believe how long he carried that note!!!

  2. Great job Suerue, Love both videos. Amazing they both still look like they did 11 yes ago!! Plus their friendship has stayed the same for 2 people with such different backgrounds. Nice! Thanks CANN for all the research you do. We all thoroughly enjoy reading this everyday.

  3. As Ruben has stated previously, Clay has been my brother during their American Idol time. They have kept in touch with each other since then. Their Tried and True tour was most entertaining and one could see the love they still have for each other and even to this day. I love the photo of Clay sleeping with his friend on the tour bus and the Jesus is Love segment; Clay held that note for 16 seconds!

  4. Love those videos and pics, they're great, Suerue does a great job of the videos. Thanks Musicfan and Happy Sunday to all. xox

  5. Thanks Musicfan123 for researching everything & Suerue/other Clack members for posting the vids. Laughing my butt off at the antics Mr. Clay was doing on stage… Quite the charmer & performer. Wish I would've seen this one… Cluben = BFF'S.

  6. iloved it when clay and ruben saqng jeasus is love they reminded me that jeasus is indeed love and that he will never desert us and the pics are good

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