Clay Aiken Guest on Washington Journal

On April 13, 2015, Clay Aiken was a guest on the Washington Journal, a morning TV show that has been on C-span since 1995.

The format of the show is simple.  The host has a few minutes to interview the guest and then the phone lines are open. Calls come in from the general public and from every political party.

The Washington Journal is a 3 hour show that usually features elected officials, government administrators and journalists.

Clay was on the show for about 45 minutes.  The call-in questions were mostly positive.  Clay answered the callers directly.  He never side-stepped the questions or tried to change the topic.  It was impressive to see that he didn’t get rattled by the few negative comments.

Clay presented himself as smart, quick-thinking, and intelligent.

The following are a few pictures and a video from the broadcast.


What do you think of this interview?

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Guest on Washington Journal

  1. hey there! How wonderful to see this article.. Clay always comes across as intelligent and quick. I love how after interviews people always say “. Wow, I hadn’t seen that side of Ckay before” type comments. He always impresses.

  2. Musicfan, how exciting to have you back with us! Catching up with the two new articles has been fantastic. I am thoroughly enjoying Clay's revised website, and I am planning to attend the National Inclusion Project Gala in September. Clay's interview photos are gorgeous! Time continues to enhance his features.

    It is evident Clay learned a great deal from his campaign, and it will be interesting to follow his next path especially since he said "probably" when asked if he might enter the political arena again. I have a hunch he is still engaged with elevating District 2, and I believe his run for office changed many minds regarding his just being a celebrity singer.

    Again, WELCOME BACK!!

  3. He keeps on amazing me. What a polished speaker he is. I've always been a fan, but he is so much more than an entertainer. People keep throwing that at him, but he's cool enough not to mention that Ronald Regan was an actor before he became President. I look forward to what is going on in his life.

  4. Excellent interview. Clay fielded the questions with knowledge, poise and insight and was extremely articulate in explaining his own views on issue, policy, and political realities, notably the sad but prominent role that money and gerrymandering play in deciding who holds political office in many districts. He certainly demonstrated that he is WELL qualified to hold political office in North Carolina. Too bad this interview did not take place before November 4. Thank you for bringing this here!

  5. I'm so glad to have you back!!!! I hope you are doing well!
    I'm very impressed with Clay (as usual). He handled all the questions very well. Interesting how some people want to blame him for everything! He's not responsible for Hilary Clinton, Obama, gas prices…. I did enjoy The Runner Up & Bill Maehr show.
    Gosh so much to catch up on!!!!

  6. One thing that amazes me about Clay, is that he feels as though he really won! Being "defeated" a third time, he always comes out a winner He has a positive altitude that the experience had a impact whether on his career from Idol, his charity from Celebrity Apprentice and now his "Runner-Up" documentary about his run for Congress. Making his voice heard about mismatched money in politics and gerrymandering! Bravo, Clay! Don't ever stop using your voice!

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