Back Together Again!

CANN is back up and running!  I have missed all of you and look forward to getting back into the groove.  I do want to take a moment to thank you for the kind messages you sent to me!  It has been wonderful to know you were sending positive thoughts!

Now…the important things!!!  Are you all caught up with

“All Things, Clay Aiken?”

Since there are no announcements today, I thought I would just make sure you have all the links for Clay’s sites and news.


On May 7th, Clay published his new website.

I hope you will take a moment and visit the brand new website for Clay Aiken. The site is beautiful and very informative. Today, my favorite page is the blog page. All three blogs are informative, entertaining and well written. But…I do love the pictures too.
This is a site that Clay said to share…so visit the website and then send the link to another friend.

 The site is full of new pictures and has seven pages.  You can scroll down to see each page or click on the topics at the top of the page.    Do you have a favorite page?  To get to the site click on



Clay has also updated his FaceBook page.  Have you seen it lately?  You can see it by clicking on FACEBOOK



Clay has been rather active on twitter recently.  He sends out multiple tweets almost everyday and he tweets both serious messages and fun messages.  Clay re-did his Twitter page and almost started from scratch.  Be sure and check it out!  You can reach his twitter site at CLAYTWITTER



Clay Aiken is using the new program called Periscope

Have you tried this new social media site?  Periscope lets users send live video broadcasts from their phones to their followers. Twitter really likes Periscope. They purchased Periscope a few months ago for a reported 100 million dollars!!

If you choose to sign up for Periscope, you can stream publicly or only share with a select group of friends and family.

Have you seen any of Clay’s periscope videos?  He has sent out some fun ones…from a Rolls Royce Car Unveiling to a trip through NYC holiday traffic, to a wonderful song.

If you have a “smart phone” be sure and check it out.  You don’t want to miss Clay’s next video!!


I hope to see you back again.

If there are some announcements about Clay, we will post them right away.

 And, we will also post about the exciting things Clay has done this year!


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12 thoughts on “Back Together Again!

  1. Yayyyyyyy!!!! We are baaack! I am so happyyyyyyy!!! Thank you Martha, we have all missed you!!!! Love youuuuu!!!!!

  2. Good morning Martha, so very happy that you're back and hope you are doing well, we sure missed you, I have Periscope app and enjoyed sooo much watching Clay on there, he's so endearing and fun, can't wait for the next chat from him, I hope he's doing better since he was sick with food poisoning. Anyway talk later and take care…xo

  3. WELCOME BACK CANN!!!! You have been missed.

    What a pleasant surprise today getting your email. Thank you Martha for all the links to all things Clay! Let's hope Clay is getting past his Food Poisioning by now. He's been so quiet the last while, but is understandable.

  4. Great to see you back!!! I was just telling someone 3 days ago how much I miss getting the CNN email every day!!!! Thanks for all of the links!! 🙂

  5. Welcome back CANN! We have missed you but understand the need for the hiatus thought and prayers were with you.
    Now looking for lots of good things coming our way from Clay Aiken.

  6. What a wonderful surprise to see you back up and running again! Glad I will be able to wake up to CANN again each day!! Martha, you were sadly missed and our prayers were with you. So happy for all our Clay news! And, yes, periscope has been so much fun with Clay!!

  7. Welcome back Martha!!! So very happy you're back. I so missed your daily posts… I hope everything's ok with your husband,,,

    I am so enjoying the new especially the blog section. Always a joy to read about Clay's musings… Unfortunately I haven't been able to download the periscope app:(

    Again, welcome back!!! Yaaaayyy!!! 🙂

  8. Martha, I have missed you so much! First thing in the morning I would view all you had to say with the news about Clay. You and your network were sorely missed! I hope all is well with you and your family! I am looking forward every morning to wake up with you and my cup of coffee! Thank you for coming back into our lives!

    • Shirley….What a nice post. Thank you! I am so glad to be back doing something I truly enjoy doing!

  9. I went on vacation from 6/1 to 6/6. When I got home and logged onto my computer on 6/7, there was CANN again! How excited and happy I am that you are back. I'm sure it has been a stressful time for you, Musicfan. Just know that I have been thinking of and praying for you and your family for the last 2-1/2 months. It is amazing that one can go through such difficult times, but life still goes on and there is much to live for.

  10. musicfan… wellcome back.. I miss your blog so much. But family is always number one for us.
    thank you for being up again music fan. I really miss our Clay but very happy to see him happy.

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