Clay Aiken – From New York To San Francisco

When I first started writing on CANN in 2009, my biggest goal was to post positive news about Clay Aiken. We wanted a site where both fans and people who knew little about Clay could read about what he was doing.

I feel very proud of what we have done and excited to continue that goal.

That being said, I will be taking a short break at this time. As many of you know, my dear husband has recently been placed in Hospice Care. This is a time when I need to use my energy to make his days as wonderful as I can.

I also know that Clay is working with a fabulous team that is getting ready for his next project. This is a great opportunity to present Clay as he is today, not how he was on American Idol!! If our goal here is to support Clay, we need to be on the same page.

Of course, if there are big announcements, if appropriate, I will post them immediately. Again, we are not stopping CANN…we will just adapt to what is going on with Clay’s career. I was pleased that we were able to adjust to “Political Clay” and we will adjust again when we return in a few weeks.

My biggest fear is that you will all cancel your memberships and forget all about us. That would make me very sad!! CANN is not going away and we still intend to have lots of fun. We will continue to look back at the important events in Clay’s career and forward to all the wonderful things in his future.

And…we will support Clay as he continues his career.

I am already getting excited!

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59 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – From New York To San Francisco

  1. Hi Musicfan, Of course you must look out to your husband first, hope he is comfortable and as far as CANN goes I will always support Clay and his ventures, he's a good man and I look to him as a great role model.

    We love you Martha for all the work you've done so we can follow Clay in his ventures, we so appreciate it. Take care Martha and God bless you and your husband. xox

  2. Dear Musicfan,
    My thought is with u. I am not leaving CANN while you are taking short break. You deserve a break after what you have done for us. Enjoy your time with your husband. Family is always number one. Hug from indonesia

  3. By the way this is my first time seeing this new Clay Aiken Newsletter and I love it, it includes so much about Clay. Thanks. xo

  4. music fan thanks so much for keeping updadted on what clay has been doing i send you your family and your housband you take care music fan i will be wating for your return when its time know that your loved music fan

  5. Prayers and loving thoughts to you and your family. Love CANN and will look for it to return. Thank you so much for all the fun and news over the years. Love Clay today and always!

  6. Still keeping you and your family in my prayers. May god give you strength at this very stressful time.

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