Clay Aiken Talks With Bill Maher


On April 17, 2015, Clay Aiken made a visit to the TV show, Real Time With Bill Maher.  This HBO show is an hour long and records in front of a live audience pn Friday nights.

Maher is a controversial man who is known for his sarcastic attitude…but he is also known for his intelligence.  Real Time usually features a panel of guests who discuss current events, usually in the fields of politics and the media. Week after week, most of his guests are  well-versed in the subject being discussed. According to Wikipedia, his guest include

experts such as journalists, professors and politicians participate in the panel, and fewer actors and celebrities are included.

On the night that Clay visited Real Time, Bill took the time to chat with Clay about his political run and his life after Idol. They also talked about how Bill had ripped into Clay’s congressional run…They seemed to have come to an understanding.

One of the fascinating things that happened because of this show was the many tweets that were so positive about Clay.  The following are only a few:

@dlboardman: Weird when the guy from @AmericanIdol is the smartest talking head on #realtime.

@yellows_rock: @dlboardman I noticed that also. Good move, @clayaiken 


saw you on real time tonight. The integrity you displayed Is great. Stay in politics, keep fighting. I’m in FL. Wish we had you.


Clay Aiken on has been a real treat. Guy looks totally different now. Plus he’s informed and pushing for important issues.


i never thought i’d see the day where i’d agreed with clay aiken on political issues


I have a whole new found respect for Maher tonight. Great interview with Clay Aiken. Props to Aiken for trying to help people.

It is fun to read these tweets and Clay certainly had a great evening on the show!

The following video is not great; the video and audio are not always together…but it is the entire show.  The other videos are just partials.

How did you like this show??

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Talks With Bill Maher

  1. I truly enjoyed this interview, Clay is so well spoken, thanks for posting Martha, also love the pics, they're great. xo

    so glad to have you back Martha.

  2. I actually got HBO to see this program. I had been so upset with Bill Maher after he went on his rampage about Clay just before the election. But I must say, I was impressed the this particular show. Maher gave Clay plenty of time to explain his campaign. Also spoke of their "beef". Clay, of course came across articulate and informed.

  3. Bill slammed Clay a year ago, which made me angry! Watching the interview, brought back the fact: when most people meet Clay in person, they change their minds about him and realize what a great person he is: very personable and very knowledgeable. Real Time met the Real Clay and were impressed!

  4. I won’t lie that I really really don’t like Bill Maher but I gotta give credit for a great interview. I appreciate that he had Clay on and I also loved the tweets after. Clay certainly impressed!

  5. I've been very angry at Maher for his ill-timed, ignorant remarks during Clay's campaign, and won't ever forgive him for that. I'm glad Clay went on the show, as it gave him an opportunity to reach Maher's audience. That was a great appearance! I hope Maher has him on again.

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