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It’s the week-end and for many, it’s the time to have a bit of fun.  Yesterday, Clay Aiken seemed to be having his share of fun.  He took in 2 Broadway shows in one day!

It started with a few tweets:

Allie ‏‪

Just hanging with Clay Aiken, Danielle Brooks, Amber Riley & Alan Cumming. At ‪@RottenBroadway. On my birthday. TIS A GREAT DAY. HUZZAH.


Ian Bowling ‏‪

Backstage at ‪#SomethingRotten! Got to meet Clay Aiken, Amber Riley (Glee), and Danielle Brooks… ‪ 

These two tweets were followed by a tweet from Clay and a nice picture!

with and

Do you know the two ladies?

Amber Riley is best known for her portrayal of  Mercedes Jones  on the television series Glee.  She was also the winner of Season 17  of Dancing With The Stars.  Amber  auditioned for the second season of American Idol but didn’t make it into the finals.

Danielle Brooks is best known for her role as Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson on the series Orange Is The New Black. She studied drama at the Julliard School and graduated in 2011.   In May, 2015, it was announced that Brooks would make her Broadway debut in the upcoming fall 2015 revival of The Color Purple.

Sounds like they are both talented young ladies.


A few hours later, a new tweet with a picture was posted by Clay’s friend…Looks like they saw Wicked in the evening!

Don’t you wish you could see 2 Broadway shows in one day?

Have you seen either of these Broadway Shows?  

If so, which is your favorite?

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Broadway Fun

  1. I haven't been to either play, and as a matter of fact I haven't been to any plays that Clay has been in. Wasn't in the cards, nor was the money at the time. I'd be able to go NOW if that should happen again, YES! Cute posts and yes, I know those 2 girls from tv! Awesome!!

  2. If I lived in NYC I would definitely be a Broadway regular. I’ve seen Wicked and have the cd. It’s a fantastic show! Glad Clay had a fun day out.

  3. Love the posts Musicfan and pics, would love to see these plays but live too far. Looks like Clay is having a great time. Thanks…xo

  4. Great to see Clay having some fun with his new friends. Would love to see a Broadway play especially with OMC!

  5. Glad to see CLAY HAVING FUN, CONSIDERING A LL THE NEGATIVITY THAT FOLLOWS HIM.,which he just lets it roll off his back like water off a ducks back.Lots of jealous people in this world.

  6. I LOVED the musical Wicked!!! Will never look at the Wizard of Oz the same again. I would really love to see Clay in a musical. Still not sure what is going on with him. Lives part time in NYC and part time in NC. He's on different types of programs (entertainment and news). We'll see I guess.
    I agree with tennie good to see Clay having fun with all the negativity that follows him.
    Thanks Martha, so nice to have you back.

  7. Thanks for this, musicfan my friend. I know and love those ladies and also Alan Cumming. It's great to see Clay having fun.

  8. I have only been to 1 broadway show and that was Spamalot with Clay in it! Would love to see more but NYC is a long way from Washington Stste.

    Also I have not been getting CANN anymore in my email. Do I need to sign up again!

    • We didn't remove anyone from the list, but sometimes there might be a glitch. I will try and see if you are on the list.

    • I am not sure what happened, but your name is not on the e-mail list. When you have a chance, would you mind signing up again? Sorry it happened. Not exactly sure why your name is gone!!!

  9. Thanks for checking musicfan! Don't know either, guess I got lost in the shuffle, but will go sign up again.

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