Clay Aiken – Friends Forever!

Yesterday started out as just a normal Sunday.  Who knew that Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard would end up putting an extra smile on so many faces!!

It all started in the middle of the day when all of a sudden 1, 217 people had their phones whistle at them.  Yes, it was Clay Aiken!!

Screen cap by the lovely, Deemer

LIVE on : In the streets w/

Clay was walking down a street in Harlem with Ruben. The video was cut short.  It seems too many people were recognizing them.  You can hear a lady shout out to them and not too long after, Clay said they had to go as they were being chased!  Too bad we couldn’t have a tour of Harlem!!

We got no more Periscope, but Clay did send the following tweets:

Walking down the street with in Harlem is like walking through Kensington with Prince William


Took to one of my favorites, And got to hang with The Melba!


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Friends Forever!

  1. I was able to see Clay's periscope "live" with Ruben and could see and hear some fans recognizing them. Yes, he was right to stop filming but was bummed they didn't do more later!! Maybe today since Rubes is visiting for a few days with Clay!

  2. I have never been to Harlem or NYC for that matter. I love the photos people post of Clay and his "adventures". Nice to see his friendship with Reuben has stayed so strong over the years.

  3. I caught Clay and Reuben live on Periscope, two great guys, so nice to see Reuben again, hope they'll be on again today. Thanks Musicfan…xo Love the pics.

  4. Thanks for this Martha. I was gone all weekend, so am trying to catch up. Great to see Clay and Ruben enjoying NYC. Hope they are having a great time catching up!!!

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