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On Tuesday, Donald Trump announced that he was running for President of the United States.  He gave a long, 45 minute speech which included many comments about how rich he was.  Hmmm!  Is that part of the criteria for becoming the President?

Well, Clay Aiken seems to be able to see the humorous side of almost anything.  Clay tweeted:

Trump-Aiken 2016

Now…that would be different.  Oh, wait…Trump wants Oprah to be his VP.

There were lots and lots of comments about this tweet. Here are a few:

. He will never be the elected politician you could be. In politics would be your

I wonder how that would compare to the Obama-Aiken economy?

I won’t vote for Donald Trump because I can’t trust his decision making skills. He picked Arsenio Hall over Clay Aiken for The Apprentice.

I do remember how great it was to see Clay on TV each week when he was on Celebrity Apprentice.  Do you remember these moments?

I loved seeing how good Clay was at all his tasks!

 And, yes!  I thought Clay should have won!!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Humorous Side Of Almost Anything

  1. I loved watching Celebrity Apprentice when Clay was on. He absolutely should have won.!!! He does seem to always seem to see the glass half full!

  2. Clay's tweet from yesterday was funny! I remember when Clay was on Access Hollywood, and the hosts were having fun and had a poster made up of Trump-Aiken 2016…It was funny then…and it was funny yesterday!!!! Clay definitely should have won Celebrity Apprentice. There was never any doubt in my mind about that. Trump made a bad decision….

  3. yes, those were the wonderful tv moments watching Clay every week, at times more than once on replays. Love the comments, Clay is always good for a laugh. Thanks Musicfan. xo

  4. Clay was so good on Celebrity Apprentice! He got rave reviews from several of the other contestants. They also were disappointment when Clay didn't win.. My heart sank when Trump announced Arsenio as the winner! His best moment was as the puppeteer!

  5. iloved also watching celebraty apprentice when clay was on it he did well i was so angry when clay dint win clays best moment was when he sang donald trump made a monumential mistake when he said the winner arsenial hall

  6. Which is worse? A "Do Nothing" Congress or a candidate who claims to have all the right answers? This nation desperately needs Congressmen who are well-versed on current political problems, who are not interested in feathering their own nests, who have compassion for individuals below the poverty level, and who will work honestly and diligently to improve and protect our country. Unfortunately, I can only think of one name – Clay Aiken!

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