Clay Aiken – It’s Magical!


Do you like magic shows?  Have you seen one recently?

According to Cindy Adams at the website, Page 6, Clay Aiken just attended the opening of Penn and Tellers new show on Broadway.

In the audience, Clay Aiken: “I ran for Congress, North Carolina, the state with no Confederate flag. I now love living here. I’m writing a book about knowing if I want to do politics or show business.” Clay brought son Parker, age 7. “His first Broadway show.”

The hope the Aiken family had fun at the show!

This is the first New York show in 15 years for Penn and Teller. It certainly is not the usual Broadway show, but it is nice to see a bit of mystery on the stage.

According to the New York Times:

…Fans who knew them then will find them utterly recognizable. They’re still wearing what look like the same sober, three-piece suits. Penn is thinner than he was but just as toweringly tall. And his chemistry with the shorter, sweeter Teller remains based, ingeniously and reassuringly, in comic archetypes: that of Mutt and Jeff, or Laurel and Hardy. Or, perhaps, Groucho and Harpo, with Penn playing the sardonic, scamming motormouth to Teller’s devilishly angelic silent partner.

Many of the tricks, too, are familiar, including the priceless segment in which Teller swallows one sewing needle after another, and Penn’s climactic fire-eating routine. Others are brand new, including the one that, by old-time magician standards, is probably the hoariest, the rabbit and the hat…

I wonder if either Clay or his son had seen the act before.  I hope they enjoyed every moment!


In 2012, Clay got to know Penn.  They were both on Celebrity Apprentice together.  They didn’t always see eye-to-eye on everything, but they are certainly both talented men and I am sure they respect each others intellect and talent.


Have you ever seen Penn and Teller perform in person?

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  1. No, I haven't seen Penn and Teller's magic show, but have seen them several times on TV! There was friction between Clay and Penn, but one could see the respect! At times, Penn acknowledge Clay's intellect and talent.
    I hope Penn invited Clay and his son backstage for a little reunion! I bet Parker enjoyed the magic show

  2. Have never seen Penn and Teller in person, but this show sounds like something I'd love,
    Bet Parker loved it–perfect Broadway show for an almost seven year old. Hope the book news is true. Miss Clay right now, but love that he is enjoying his time with his son.

  3. Nice to see father and son going to a broadway show, bet they enjoyed it, so happy that Clay has Parker. Love the pics, takes me back to CA, thanks Martha xo

  4. Never saw Penn & Teller in person, but often on TV. Clay & Penn were sometimes at odds on Celeb. Apprentice, especially after the Blue Man fiasco. I'm so happy that Clay is spending quality time with Parker. It will build fond memories for both of them.

  5. No…I've never seen them in person. I wonder if they still have their show in Las Vegas?
    Hope that Clay and Parker had a great evening out!!!!! Sounds like fun.

  6. Only on TV. How exciting for Parker to see his first Broadway Show with his dad! I would love to see Clay back in show business. However I think he would be a wonderful addition to any political committee. He is smart , articulate & compassionate!
    Thanks Martha

  7. I was watching NATGEO program on the 2000's. One of the sections mentioned the Super Bowl when Janet Jackson has a wardrobe malfunction and how many jokes were made about it. The next thing that popped up was Megan M. ripping off Clay's jacket pocket to expose his bare chest on the SNL promo. I got a call from a friend who watches Big Brother. She said that one of the contestants has a picture of Clay on the wall of his bedroom and the other contestants were checking it out. Our guy, Clay, shows up in the most unusual places!

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