Clay Aiken – Hearts, Flip Flops & Scissors???


Did you hear your phone whistle on Sunday?  Well, if you follow Clay Aiken on Periscope, you might have heard the loud whistle two times in the afternoon.

Yes…Clay chatted with his almost 2,000 followers.  Since Periscope and Twitter are partners, you can see Clay’s first chat announcement on Twitter:

LIVE on : Making HIStory w/   LINK

Clay was in his New York apartment with his friend, Ken Arpino.  Clay was introducing Ken to Periscope.  He congratulated Ken about getting his equity card and teased that Ken was getting married on Saturday night (in a play).

Besides chatting and teasing with Ken, Clay answered some comments from his followers.  He also asked for hearts…”tap with two fingers”.

The short, but fun Periscope was over when a group of kids came into the room…”It’s dinnertime, Daddy!”

After dinner, the phones whistled again.

LIVE on : What you all really and truly want to see on this lazy and comfortable Sunday evening. 2LINK

I guess Clay was just in a silly mood but it was loads of laughs.  In getting ready to go out, Clay could’t find his sandals or flip flops and then realized that his toes… well they needed some help.  Yes…this crazy guy worked on his feet while he and Ken chatted with his followers.  You go Clay!!  It was fun!

The wonderful deemer shared the screen caps of the Sunday Periscopes…many thanks!!

A big thanks to Clay for sharing a bit of his time with his periscope followers.  Silly or serious, your visits make lots of people happy and excited.  I can’t wait for the next visit!

Did you see Clay live on Periscope?

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Hearts, Flip Flops & Scissors???

  1. I sure DID!! It was so much fun, but seriously he cut his toenails with scissors?? Only Clay!! I was hoping he wouldn't take a closeup, lol!! Loved hearing the kids running in….wonder who was with Parker? Sounded like a few! Good fun! Loved it!!

  2. I loved watching the Periscopes of Clay from yesterday. I think it's great that we can see inside of Clay's private life…He is in his apartment, having fun…just being himself. Thank you Clay!!!!! Thanks Musicfan. It sure brightened up my day!!!!

  3. Wouldn't have missed it! Loved hearing Parker screaming for Daddy; what a joy! The second one had me laughing my head off, Clay made us feel part of the family! Frankly, I wish I could have cut his toenails and give him a foot massage! It would have been my pleasure!

  4. Yes,I watched Clay and Ken on the 2 broadcasts, it was great to see Clay again, he's so funny as always and also nice to see Ken, always looking forward to seeing Clay on Periscope. Thanks Martha xo
    Love the pics too.

  5. Yaaayyy!!! Thanks so much for the links!!! 🙂 Keep 'em coming…
    You really are an angel Martha!!! Hugs and kisses from the Philippines!!!<3<3<3

  6. I’ve seen him on periscope once, but I think that was by chance. Can anyone tell me how to do it right? I would appreciate your help.

  7. No I can't figure out how to get it. I guess I'm computer illiterate! Thanks for posting the pictures. I will keep trying to figure it out. I would love to get it!!

    • Paula and Nonee? You can get Periscope if you have a Twitter account. If you don't, then sign up for one. Once you do that, type in Clay Aiken. His tweet has a link to periscope. You can do this on your computer to watch them but you can't give him hearts. Only on a smart phone can you do this. Once you click on his link you can download Periscope. He tweets when he periscopes so you can watch it live and ask questions and give hearts!!

    • I hope it works Paula!! Hurry up tho!! Unless somebody saves his periscope, it will by gone this afternoon!

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