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Happy Monday…It’s the beginning of a new week!

Clay Aiken was on-line early on Sunday.  He retweeted a cute tweet:

look what I found at the store!!!! Can I get a RT or a favorite for how cool this is?! Happy Saturday!!!!

Now, I am not a big Coke fan, but if I found this at my market, I would buy the bottle named “Clay” and drink it as a toast to him!  Amazing!!  Twelve years and Clay and Ruben are still popular!!

Have you ever seen a bottle with Ruben or Clay on it?


Rosie O’Donnell…a name that is well-known all over the world.  Rosie and Clay Aiken are friends.  Clay has mentioned many times that he has talked with Rosie about his career and the opportunities in front of him.

Rosie is often in the spotlight and fodder for gossip/entertainment sites.  But this week, Rosie was pushed into the spotlight again by Donald Trump….he called her horrible things.

One positive thing that came out of this event was a wonderful article about Rosie on the Huff Post.  This excellent post exposes the real Rosie to its readers.  I was so impressed after reading it.  Rosie speaks her mind and isn’t always one to filter her thoughts, but WOW…she certainly is one who is making a difference in the world!

The article is long so I will only post some of what is written.  I strongly recommend that you read the entire article.  You can see it at ROSIE . 

Donald Trump Is No Rosie O’Donnell

by Elizabeth Birch

….When I came to work with her, I could not have imagined all she had quietly done in her then short career to help people in need. By 2005, she had already contributed well over $60,000,000 to charities focused on the health and well being of children. Through her own charity, the For All Kids Foundation, she contributed millions in capital grants to hundreds of day care centers all of the country serving low income children. This was not someone else’s money nor leveraging her celebrity. This was investing her own hard earned cash. And her generosity began well before she hit pay dirt on the Rosie O’Donnell Show.

She had also started Rosie’s Broadway (now Theater) Kids, a program that teaches leadership and values to 5th graders in the poorest schools in New York City through the guise of musical theater. It bothered her that so many children grew up in the shadow of Broadway but might never experience this uniquely American art form. Superbly run by Director Lori Klinger, the program selects the children with the most leadership potential and they are invited to participate in an after school program and then a summer institute. Unlike many Band-Aid programs for youth, Rosie’s Broadway Kids continues to invest in the child through high school.

Rosie bought a large old circa 1920s building on West 45th street, gutted it and created a haven for this children in the middle of the theater district. The program provides clothes, dance shows, healthy food and a place to study and be tutored. It large dance and music studios are a safe place for these kids to take a break from the storm of a sometimes chaotic young life. Rosie named the building for a teacher that had been particularly kind to her after her mother died when Roseanne was still a child.

When Katrina hit New Orleans and the surrounding area, Rosie went into action. She dispatched our team to come up with an innovative solution to serve the needs of the poorest of the poor. We established a plan to build a colorful temporary township at the edge of the largest trailer part in Baker, L.A. The township was built like a Lego set using materials and components that could all be repurposed after the crisis. From the air one could see a sea of trailers sitting in the mud and then a burst of color where we built the new facilities. All social services were brought to this population of thousands. Our township featured Early Head Start, Head Start, Day Care, a job center, a social services center, counseling and medical care. We installed playground and spray grounds for the children to cool off in the blistering heat….

….Rosie dispatched us to find out where every kid would be attending school so we could buy the right uniforms and backpacks. She did not want them to stick out. One week we took single Moms who were in college to pick out new cars with long warranties so they could complete their studies to support their kids. We flew in hundreds of dresses for women had a sat one Sunday too many in makeshift church wearing the same dress with no facilities to wash them. We brought in showers and cleaning facilities. We brought in clothes for men, women and children. And Rosie paid for every major celebration and holiday for almost three years. Every kid got a Christmas present. No kid left an Easter Egg hunt empty handed….

….Rosie is not perfect. She is human and makes mistakes. But Donald Trump is not now, nor will he ever be, as generous in spirit, nor will he ever have the heart and character of Rosie O’Donnell.

Wait until you read the entire article.  This lady has a heart of gold and has already done more than you can imagine!

Do you remember these occasions?

The View – 9/22/06

Clay was backstage, getting ready to be on Rosie’s TV Special!

Did you ever watch Rosie O’Donnell’s TV show?


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Helping People In Need

  1. First of all, I wish I could find the Coke bottles with Clay and Ruben's name? Second, Clay has one of the biggest hearts (just one of the reasons I have love for this man)! Rosie is one of his best friends and I totally admire this woman who has given so much of herself to all children and is also supportive of her friends, especially Clay! She is the one who advised him to run for office and he took her advice, Clay may have lost, but he learned by the experience! Rosie and Clay are celebrities who use their status to helping others. Big admiration to them both!
    Thank you, musicfan for the eye-opener article about Rosie O'Donnell and of course about OMC.

  2. Wow…I'm very impressed with all that Rosie has done. People don't usually hear about the good stuff…only the garbage spewed. She definitely has a big heart, and it's obviously something that she and Clay have in common. During the Debate.. I thought it was horrific of Trump to bring her name up in the middle of that. He showed no class, whatsoever!

    I have not seen a coke bottle with Clay on it…If I ever do…I will definitely buy it, and keep it forever!!!

  3. i hope i find a coke bottle that have clay on it i dint like the coments that trump said about rosie the coments were bad and verry horrific rosie she sure does have a big heart clay and rosie have that both in commin

  4. Perhaps Trump's vile comments will come back to haunt him at a crucial moment in the campaign. Am surprised he didn't make a derogatory comment about Canada's health care system, too.

    I cringe at the thought of him being your next president.

    His comments about Rosie were disgusting; however, I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of a response. Don't even acknowledge his existence. Egotists just can't handle being ignored. Every one should just pretend he doesn't exist.
    Hats off to Rosie and to Clay for all their acts of compassion and generosity.
    Campbell River, BC

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