Clay Aiken – Waiting For Sunday!


It seems that American Idol is excited that Clay Aiken is joining them in Philadelphia on Sunday, August 2nd.  For a second day, AI posted a tweet and a message on Facebook about Clay joining them Sunday.

From Facebook:

Idol Alum Clay Aiken started as a hopeful back in Season 2 when he auditioned for a little show called American Idol! Meet him on SUNDAY at our Philadelphia auditions and see what he has to say about his Idol journey!

Atlanta Audition!

Just think about this for a minute.  The majority of people auditioning on Sunday would have been 10 years old or younger when Clay auditioned.  Wow…time flies!!!

The following video was put together by the talented Wowzers4Clay.  It is all about the Atlanta audition from standing in the line until his TV appearance in Raleigh when he returned home.  Enjoy!!!

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Waiting For Sunday!

  1. Oh wow musicfan, that was sooo much fun to watch again!! You miss me? Been on vacation visiting family but now I am BACK! Got me some internet now after being in the mountains. It's been fun reading all the blogs I missed!! Thank you!!

  2. Watching season 2 of American Idol was pure joy! Every week I looked forward to seeing and hearing Clay perform either his solo or singing with the other contestants! Neil Sadaka once said that Clay performance was perfection! Looking forward to Sunday, can't wait!
    Thank you, again musicfan!

  3. Love the video, wish I could be in Philly to see him on AI, wish someone could get a video of it, anyway Musicfan thanks for the post…x

  4. watching clay sing on season 2 of americian idol was amazing and indeed pure joy every week i looked forward to see clay and hear clay sing eather when he did a sol.o or sang with other contestanses and i remember neial sadacka once had said that clays performance was perfection

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