Clay Aiken…The Beginning Of It All!


I can’t believe that I am bringing this fascinating beginning to CANN today.  However, as I checked it out today on YouTube, I realized that there was a lot of Clay in these clips.  I also found it fun to remember this amazing time for Clay and his fans.

I wish I had some up-to-date news about Clay Aiken. He is busy doing “backstage” work on his future so this post is a fun reminder of all the joy Clay has given to us.

Lets enjoy this post today and hope we hear from Clay…”soon”!

Hollywood Week!

Do you remember all of this??

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken…The Beginning Of It All!

  1. A few years ago, this abbreviated version of AI 2 was shown on one of the TV channels. I was able to record it, and get to watch it every now and then. Clay did all of the narration for the show. Clay is still the winner in my book.

  2. Great memories! Clay was just so adorable, and we all fell in love with him and his incredible voice. Looking forward to more.

  3. He will always be the winner in our eyes! What a gift Clay has been and still is. Thanks for the memories!

  4. Wasn't he just wonderful on the show. I remember hearing his Voice on the TV when I was doing the dishes, and rushing to see who was singing. I was just stunned by Always and Forever. Clay does it to me again and again each time I hear him sing. Add to that his snarky sense of humor. The perfect performer.

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