Clay Aiken – Who Is The Star?


On Wednesday, September 16th, CNN hosted the 2nd GOP debate for President of the USA.  There were 15 Republicans who were on the stage…in two different groups.

Clay Aiken was there to cover the debate for Entertainment Tonight.

It was hard to know who was the star of the evening…it seemed that Clay Aiken got a lot of the attention.  He was supposed to interview others, but he was interviewed and reported on almost as much as the debaters.

Because of twitter, it was easy to watch Clay as he worked his way through the event.

There is so many tweets and pictures that I cannot even begin to post them all.  I will post many and keep the others for another day.

Remember, if you click on the picture, it will expand so you can see it better!!

Jessica HopperVerified account‏@jesshop23 Did I spot @clayaiken going through security at #GOPDebate or is it a doppelgänger ?

Scott Bixby @scottbix
Clay Aiken is walking around in the filing center as ‘Entertainment Tonight’ sets up its cameras. This is the weirdest election ever.

Robin Abcarian @AbcarianLA
I’m sorry, Lindsey Graham, what were you saying? Clay Aiken just walked by. #GOPDebate

Does ‘Entertainment Tonight’ usually cover presidential debates? Because they have an enormous camera crew here in Simi Valley.

Paul Raphel ‏@paulraphel Previous #PoliticKING guest @clayaiken in the #CNNDebate Spin Room #GOPDebate #OraPolitics

Andrew Romano Reporters, hurry to the spin room: Clay Aiken is holding court.

Just passed a besuited Clay Aiken telling a reporter, “I’ll run again eventually…”

Clay Aiken is in the building. This is not a drill. #spinroom#cnndebate

Jordan J Frasier SPOTTED: in the #CNNDebate spin room fmr congressional candidate Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken is spinning here at the debate spin room.

Ashley Killough Clay Aiken is here

Apparently Clay Aiken is in the spin room, and is causing quite a stir. Or so I hear.

Betsy Klein Spotted in #CNNDebate Spin Room: @clayaiken

W/ @clayaiken & @jamieangelise @cnn GOP Debate Reagan Library Simi Valley @et #entertainmenttonight

Clay Aiken.. Yes Clay Aiken.. Reporting from the spin room for Entertainment Tonight.

Matt Wilstein Biggest star of the #GOPDebate: @clayaiken, reporting for @etnow

Wendy Leung ‏@Leung Welcome to Simi Valley @clayaiken! What did you think of the #Gopdebate?

Hunter Schwarz Verified account ‏@hunterschwarz 51s52 seconds ago Clay Aiken in the spin room interviewing for ET

Hadas Gold Verified account ‏@Hadas_Gold 3m3 minutes ago Yes that’s clay Aiken interviewing Dana bash Brian Selter of CNN favorited this tweet.

Can you find Clay? Check right side by the hands!!

Clay was interviewed by Chris Matthews on Hardball after the debates!

Screen cap by Emerson

Screen cap by Emerson

Clay is scheduled to be on Entertainment Tonight on Thursday evening.  Check your TV Guide for the correct channel and time.

If there is other news or pictures of Clay, I will post them during the day so check in during the day!!

Believe it or not, I only posted about 1/2 of the pictures I found last night!

Did you get to see Clay on Hardball last night?

If you missed Hardball, you can see it   Here

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Who Is The Star?

  1. What a night! Clay knows his politics and broadcast them with professionalism! He was great on Hardball with Chris Mathews, too. Pictures were all over Twitter and Facebook!

  2. OMG, what a great night for Clay! I do have ET set to record tonight. I love all the photos of Clay especially the first one. Thanks so much for this wonderful blog today. Also thanks for posting just the Hardball with just Clays segment. I can only tolerate Chris Matthews for so long. He NEVER anyone a chance to answer anything. I guess that is why I don't ever watch his show. Can't wait to see Clay on ET! Thanks again CANN!

  3. Thank you Musicfan…Love all the pics, tweets…Was gone all day, so am caught up now!!!! Clay looked great and fit in so well!!

  4. Love all the pics and tweets and the video you posted, always love to see Clay speak. Looking forward to see him on ET tonight. Thanks Martha….xo

  5. Back in 2003 when Clay tried out for AI 2, could he ever have imagined where he would be in 2015? Clay is right in the midst of all the political action and can handle whatever comes his way. Great photos and info thanks to CANN. I'm ready for ET tonight.

  6. ilike this how verry exciteing and amazing to see all the buzz clay is realy doing a wonderfull job at this clay looks marvelouis and great thanks martha and cann

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