Rain in Raleigh

Yes…Fall is here and it is raining in Raleigh, North Carolina.

For most of the day, the weather was fine.  It was windy and cloudy, but very pleasant!

But as night approached, the sky opened up and the rain came down.

There was a group of people arriving for the Gala who decided to walk about 5 blocks for dinner.  The 12 of us had good food, good service, and excellent conversations.  When it was time to return home, it was pouring!  Oh well!!!  We had lots of laughs!


It seems Clay Aiken was at the book store on Thursday.  Was he buying a good book or just doing some research?  Whatever, it is nice to see new pictures of Clay.

tinamoorebrown When you’re strolling through #barnesandnobles and you spot#AmericanIdol Clay Aiken. I RARELY ask for a pic but when I did he offered to take it himself hence the angle.#NorthCarolinasFinest #BothOfUs LOL!

Sarah Fry Look who we ran into at Barnes & Noble at PUE night! CLAY AIKEN!! So excited!! @nussbaum_mrs @krbiles

More people will be arriving tomorrow for the Circle of Heroes Champions Gala.  I look forward to the entire day!

Have a great day!

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5 thoughts on “Rain in Raleigh

  1. Sounds you look like you are all having a great time! I envy al of you. Anxious to hear all the details.

  2. Great picture of our fellow claymates and of Clay! Wish for total success at the Gala! My heart is with you and all!

  3. Oh my!! As you can see, Roxie and I have dry heads! We brought our little umbrellas! Still, we had a lot of fun at dinner with some great gals!!

  4. please have a great amazing time at the gala and i will be thinking about you and the rest of you i wish i could be there to celabrate the gala

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