Clay Aiken – He Seems To Shine

On the evening of October 18, 2015, Clay Aiken was a guest panelist on the Al Jazeera America show called The Third Rail.  This week, the show was 30 minutes long and the moderator was Ali Velshi.

It was nice to see all the publicity that The Third Rail put on twitter.  The following are some of the tweets:

Should undocumented immigrants receive in-state tuition? @AliVelshi discusses with @clayaiken, @carriesheffield and @jessicaproud at 6:30p E


.@ClayAiken talks to @AliVelshi about undocumented immigrants receiving in-state tuition at state universities.


Tonight on @AJAMThirdRail, @AliVelshi talks to @OppLives @carriesheffield w/@clayaiken & @jessicaproud. It’s a panel you don’t want to miss!


Third RailVerified account ‏@AJAMThirdRail
.@clayaiken talks to @AliVelshi about kids defending themselves from gun threats in school.

Even Clay tweeted:

Get to your TVs right NOW to see me on with@AliVelshi


I was able to see the show.  The panel took about 1/2 the time of the show.  The panel discussed two topics:

  1.  Guns in schools and training small kids to fight back.
  2. In-state college tuition for undocumented immigrants & “dreamers”.

Clay had done his homework.  He had facts and information that he shared when appropriate.  He came across as well-informed, articulate, and self-assured. Anyone who saw him would think he was a pro with many years of experience in this field.

Unfortunately, I have not found any new pictures or videos of the program.  Hopefully, some will be available later today.

I hope we will have many more opportunities to see and hear Clay as he talks about our complicated world.   – in this role.

Did you see Clay on The Third Rail?

Be sure and check back to see if we get any more news, pictures or videos of the show!!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – He Seems To Shine

  1. Sorry, but I did miss the show! I'm hoping to catch it on Al Jazeera's website! From what you have posted, Clay is well-informed about problems we have in this country! His comment about children having to defend themselves is scary! Our government is failing us!

  2. I saw it last night and have watched it many times already!! He was so great and I agree it was probably the best interview he’s done!! Clays name is out there more each day and that’s so good!!!

  3. It is enjoyable to watch Clay debate political problems. He has a deep knowledge of the issues and always seems to have the facts to back up his opinions.
    great work, Clay

  4. Actually, as much as I have always supported Clay musically, I cannot agree with him on some things now. If he means they pay taxes while shopping, that's a different thing. Many of them are NOT working, and living off the government as it is. They came here illegally. Why reward them with free college, when the rest of us are paying full tilt for our children and grandchildren? Back in 1995, I had 3 boys tell us on a Mexican vacation that their Moms came across the border to have them, but none of them ever lived here at all. They were going to college FREE in Ca. as a result. I just do not believe this is fair at all. They said it was "my stupid government's fault." UGH

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