Clay Aiken – Spreading The Word

In anticipation of the 1st annual Politicon in Los Angeles, Clay Aiken was was on the PR trail to spread the word about this new event.

Politicon is a non-partisan, unconventional political convention.  It starts today at 2pm at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

As of Thursday, over 7,000 tickets have been sold for this exciting event.

Clay started Thursday with a visit at the morning TV show, Good Day L.A.  Co-anchors, Steve Edwards & Maria Samson chatted with Clay about his start on American Idol and showed some clips of Clay on the show.  They also discussed Clay campaign for Congress in 2014.  Clay also revealed that he was excited to be a part of Politicon.  He was pleased that the event would bring both conservative and liberal people together to discuss many important topics.

The following is a YouTube of Clay’s visit on Good Day L.A.

CNN posted a video of Clay talking politics.  In this excellent program, Clay talked about his support of Joe Biden to his friendship with Donald Trump, and why he he ran for office.  CNN-Politics also posted an article about the interview.  The following are some highlights of the article:

Clay Aiken drops Clinton for Biden, praises Trump

Story by Deena Zaru

Former “American Idol” star Clay Aiken once was ready for Hillary, but now the one-time Democratic congressional candidate has passionately endorsed Vice President Joe Biden.

“To some extent, I kind of feel like Secretary Clinton is a leaky boat at this point and that concerns me as a Democrat,” Aiken said.

Aiken, who won the hearts of millions of Americans in 2003 when he placed second on “American Idol,” backed Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary and expressed his support when Clinton declared her second presidential bid in April…

When asked about the famous and at times infamous Biden gaffes, Aiken said that those moments should not be referred to as gaffes and are, in fact, “moments of authenticity” that voters respond to positively.

“I think there is something refreshing about it and I think people are starting to recognize that,” Aiken said…

I hope you will visit the CNN site.  Besides a great video, the article covers a lot of information about Clay and has some great pictures too.  You can reach the site at CNNVIDEO

Clay was mentioned in many article on different sites after his two TV interviews.  The following are a few mentions: – Clay Aiken Calls Hillary Clinton ‘A Leaky Boat,’ Praises Donald Trump

American Idol star, Clay Aiken, once stood by Hillary Clinton in her bid for the White House, but now he’s changing gears. He’s uncertain about her convictions and is now endorsing Vice President Joe Biden for the 2016 campaign, CNN reports.

Aiken, who was once a Democratic congressional candidate, calls Clinton “a leaky boat.”

Aiken is politically savvy and became known after his stint on American Idol in 2003, in which he placed second. He’s an advocate for special needs children and education.  He’s since been a face in the political landscape, supporting Clinton when she attempted her first run for president in 2008. Aiken was happy to see her announce another presidential campaign in April, but is weary of the scrutiny she’s drawn.

Red State – Hillary Clinton? Still Not Inevitable

Are you exhausted yet? It’s only October of 2015. We still have more than a year until the general election, and between now and then, much will happen…

…Clay Aiken, the second place finisher in 2003 on American Idol, and former Congressional candidate for N.C. in 2014, had some things to say about Hillary this week. As reported by CNN Politics:…

…Aiken isn’t my go-to guy for political commentary, but he represents a moderate Democrat who is aware of the political climate and has been recently been among the voting public as a candidate. For Hillary, Aiken would have been a near-lock for support in the past. Now, however, she’s the “leaky boat”…

You can read the entire article at REDSTATE

I look forward to seeing reports about Politicon, especially news about the five events that include Clay.  If you hear any reports, I hope you will share them with us.

Good Luck, Clay!  Have fun too!!

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