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Sunday was a busy, but fun day for those who follow Clay Aiken.  It all started with Social Media.

Politician/Entertainer Clay Aiken was busy today.  He used twitter to let people know about the interesting panel discussion that was taking place on Sunday afternoon.  Clay was part of a panel put together for the show, Third Rail.  Shown on the Al Jazeera America TV channel, Clay was joined by Lance Ulanoff, Scottie Nell Hughes, and moderator, Adam May.

In a short 20 minutes, the panel discussed two topics: Syrian Refugees, and HIV being too de-stigmatized. The discussions were fast moving and full of different ideas as the 3 guests came from different backgrounds and political ideas.  The moderator made sure that each panel member had a chance to state their thoughts.

Clay was outstanding.  He was knowledgeable, articulate and polite, and did not back down from his opinions.  I do hope he will be asked back again.  He adds a lot to the show.

In all, between the Third Rail and Clay, there must have been close to 20 tweets sent about the show on Sunday. Of course that doesn’t count the tweets and retweets from the readers.  The following tweet from Third Rail is one of my favorites:

Has HIV been too de-stigmatized? discusses with .

The following are a few screen caps from the show.

Did you watch the show? 


On Sunday, Clay started the day with a tweet about an article from The Atlantic:

Oh how our nation and our world could use a few more lessons from Saint Fred today!! –The Atlantic

Written by Jonathan Merritt, the article is about Mister Rogers(Fred Rogers) who, besides being the star of a children’s show, was a Presbyterian minister.  I particularly liked the following paragraph:

“The underlying message of the Neighborhood,” Rogers once said, “is that if somebody cares about you, it’s possible that you’ll care about others. ‘You are special, and so is your neighbor’—that part is essential: that you’re not the only special person in the world. The person you happen to be with at the moment is loved, too.”

Clay included the link to the article in his tweet above.  It is a feel good article!

What a great way to start the Thanksgiving week…are you ready for the holiday??

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  1. Caught the show just on time. Very fast-paced. Some comments made were outlandish by a particular female guest, she was shot down pretty fast. Clay's comments were sensible and to the point! I hope they do ask him back. I dearly love the article about" Saint Fred", Mr. Rogers was a great man; all my children grew up watching his amazing show!
    Thank you, musicfan!

  2. I sure did see Clay on that panel! He was articulate and well informed!! I sure hope he's asked back on that panel again soon!

    I had tears while reading the article on Mr. Rogers. What a wonderful human being. No wonder Clay has always looked up to him.

  3. I thought Clay did great. He really looks at all sides of an argument. I was very impressed.

    Clay always thought he'd like to be like Mr. Rogers. He looked up to him, and I can certainly see why. We need more of that in this life, especially now.

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