Clay Aiken – “Giving Voice To The Often Voiceless”

The TV program, Third Rail announced yesterday that Clay Aiken would be a panel member on their show on Sunday, December 20th.  The news was announced on Twitter:

., and join on Sunday at 5:30p E to discuss , and more.

This will be the 3rd time Clay has been on Third Rail.  I can’t wait to hear what Clay has to say about Donald Trump. He probably knows Trump much better than most people.

Al Jazeera America is a popular television news channel in the U.S.  The channel broadcasts breaking news, lifestyle magazines, talk programs, and documentaries to over 49 million U.S. households in the United States. It reports news from all over America and around the world.  Al Jazeera America is American led and staffed. It is headquartered in New York City and has additional bureaus in key locations across the United States.

According to their website:

Al Jazeera America will adhere to the uncompromising ideals of the award-winning Al Jazeera Media Network, delivering in depth, fact-based and investigative journalism that will bring a fresh and unique style to the American news landscape – shedding light on all sides of a story, providing context, enriching understanding, and giving voice to the often voiceless.

Al Jazeera America’s Third Rail is a weekly half hour show that looks at controversial issues. It has a moderator and guest panelists that discuss newsworthy topics.

From the Third Rail:

Third Rail will ask the tough questions other news programs avoid, and hold guests accountable on their views.  We’ll push and challenge guests to spark a clash of ideas and help viewers understand issues and stories in new ways. ‘Third Rail’ is smart, lively and fast-paced—it’s the death-zone for conventional wisdom.

So…Be sure to watch on Sunday.  The channel is Al Jazeera America.  The time is 5:30pm in the east and 2:30pm, pacific time.  It should be a great conversation.

Have a wonderful week-end!!

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Giving Voice To The Often Voiceless”

  1. I will be sure to watch Clay on "Third Rail". His opinions on the issues are logical and on the mark!
    Thank you, for the pictures of Clay, too!

  2. Oh I sure saw the tweet when I was at work!! I'm so excited to see Clay once again on this show! Indeed he does know Mr. Trump better than most others since he was on Celebrity Apprentice a couple years ago. Looking forward to see him!!!

  3. I don't have this channel on my TV, but I've asked a friend to record it for me. The last time she did that for me, she was so impressed with Clay. His answers, intelligence, etc. She had never been a Clay fan before, but she sure is now.

  4. I’m so happy that Clay will be on Third Rail again!!!! Can’t wait to hear Clay talk about these important issues as he always speaks so well! Have DVR set to record in case I forget…if that would ever happen!!

  5. Don't get this channel up here in Canada…but I'm hoping someone will capture it…..Can't wait to see it.

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