Clay Aiken – This Will Be Difficult !

In 2005, Clay Aiken traveled around the USA and presented The Joyful Noise Tour.  It was more than a concert, but still highlighted the wonderful voice of Clay, backed by his accomplished  back-up singers.  It was fun to see how Clay used some talented actors and singers from his hometown of Raleigh.  He also used capable performers from local theater groups from the area of the concert.

Did you get to see this concert live?? I was lucky enough to see it twice.

Because of the talent of so many fans, we have many wonderful pictures from that tour.

Please vote for your favorite picture. This will be hard!!








I hope you are ready for the last week before Christmas!  

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – This Will Be Difficult !

  1. Frankly, I love all the pictures! But if I have to choose, I vote for the one with Clay and Quiana. This show should have been televised as a Holiday Special! Wonderful story and the best Christmas show I have ever watched! I show this to my mother every year from my You Tube!
    Thank you, musicfan!

  2. I can't choose between #2 & #4. I did drive down to Cincinnati, OH to see Clay in that performance. You can tell he had a lot to do with the story and planning. It was "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day" brought to life.

  3. Number 4 brings back so many memories, so I'll go with it and #7 because……..well, just because! <3

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