Clay Aiken – A Magical Alum

Clay Aiken was on TV last night!

He was the best part of Wednesday’s episode of American Idol!

American Idol was showing some of the auditions in Philadelphia last night.  Clay Aiken was there to help with the auditions.

One of the first things on the show last night was some great shots of Clay surrounded by excited contestants all hoping that they would make it to the next level.

Clay introduced himself to one of the younger singers and sat down next to him.  He had 4 questions to ask the young man:

Who was…

  1.  1st Wildcard to make it to the finals
  2. Idol who wore a tight red leather jacket and sang Grease
  3. Starred in Spamalot on Broadway
  4. First Idol to run for political office

While Clay asked the question, American Idol showed a Split/screen picture that matched the answer.  Of course, the answer was “Clay Aiken” but the young guy didn’t get any correct answers.

There were some fun tweets that showed up during the show:

If you’re not at #Ragtime we hope you’re watching our friend @clayaiken and our #NCTGrease“Danny Zuko” @JohnArthurG on @AmericanIdol!


How would you feel auditioning in front of an #Idol alum? #IdolAuditions


Meeting Clay Aiken was a pretty cool experience @AmericanIdol


Halfway through, @clayaiken has been the highlight of tonight’s #AmericanIdol snooze-worthy audition episode out of Philly.


“Don’t be as nervous as I was. Have fun with this!” wisdom from


Entertainment Weekly wrote the following about Clay on the show:

American Idol recap: ‘Philadelphia Auditions’

If you’re not going to audition in a bedazzled thong and headdress, then why bother?

Honestly, American Idol, stop playing with my heart. This is episode three, and we have yet another specialized opening. Does anything stay the same? When this show started, kids, iPods were bigger than a shoebox. Ryan Seacrest was 4-years-old. And we had the decency to choose one opening and run with it. But shows change, and people always leave. Everyone except for Idol favorite and politician, Clay Aiken, that is. Clay is joining the judges in Philadelphia for judging, and he’s just as quirky and lovable as he was in season 2. I’m still sorry (2004) that you lost, champ. But we’re in Philly and it’s time to start…

You can read the entire article at ETW

I am sure there will be more reviews of the show later today and will post any exciting ones.

The following are a few more screen caps. Thank you lindylo!

Did you watch American Idol last night?

What did you think?

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  1. When Clay walked across the room, I was so excited as I'm sure so were the contestants. He gave advice, selfies., and put their minds at ease! Clay's facial expression with that one contestant with the screaming voice was priceless There were a few singers who were pretty good. The article from ETW was praising Clay for his contribution to the show! Thank you, musicfan!

  2. I wasn't going to, but I recorded the show so I could just flip through it. I'm so happy I did!! What a pleasant surprise to see they left Clay in the show. He was great! I really loved the q&a with the contestant. Not knowing the answers were all Clay. Hilarious!! Not surprising he did not know, he was probably 3 when AI started. I work with 2 girls who didn't know who David Bowie was. I hope AI continues to have Clay on the show. LOVED last nights show.
    Thanks CANN.

  3. That was a long 1/2 hr.! If it wasn't for Clay, it would be just another boring AI audition show. Clay was his usual funny self and tried to set the contestants at ease before appearing before the 'real' judges.

  4. I sure did watch it last night! I don't think he appears on tonights episode, but he's suppose to next week! Can't wait!

  5. I did watch and was thrilled to see that he was on the show. He knows how to light up a room!!
    I will be watching again by using "on demand". Excited that he should be on again next week. LOVED seeing all of the excitement on Twitter. Clay creates buzz!!!

  6. It's just plain remarkable how Clay can engage one-on-one or with a crowd. He has confronted "American Idol" in the past and knows how to calm the candidates and provide other helpful hints before they appear for their auditions!

    Clay is certainly a positive factor for the show's attendance! I would love to know how many people are there ONLY because of Clay. I know I am one of them!

  7. i saw clay on idol last night hes a good judge i was so happy to see clay there he sure knows how to light up the place and he provided amazing hints that were indeed helpfull for the contestans clay had asked a contestant questions but the funny one was when clay had said stared in spamalot and the contestant went adam lambert hahaha omg funny im glad clay laughed at the anser that the contestent gave him that contestant had all the questions wrong

  8. When it was posted that Clay and other Alumni were going to be on this season-I thought he was going to sing:( T do love seeing him on the shows but want him to sing too!!

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