Clay Aiken – A Positive and Fun Time!

Happy Sunday to All!!

 May this new week bring lots of fun with new information, pictures and videos of Clay Aiken!!

With the beginning of the 15th and final season of American Idol, the web is full of articles, pictures, polls, and videos about the show.  Each day it seems another site finds a new way to get people to read their site and get lots of hits.  I admit it….I often check out the sites and try to find ones that are positive and fun.  And, yes, I often vote in the fun polls.

On Saturday night, a new poll was posted:

Top Ten Best American Idol Performances

Out of every performance of every season of American Idol, which is the best of all time? I started it off with ten of my favorites, and I really want to know what everybody else thinks are the best performances.

If you want to vote, click on the blue and white Plus sign to the right of Clay’s name.  I did not leave a comment.  VOTE

Most people will say that Clay Aiken has moved on from his season on American Idol.  For the last thirteen years, he has been busy recording albums, touring the country, starring on Broadway, and performing on many TV show, including two Clay Aiken specials.  Add to that his very successful charity, his important work with UNICEF and his run for Congress.  Yes, he is more than a former American Idol contestant.

But…… all started on American Idol so lets have some fun.  Magicalmusic made a montage of American Idol pictures.  Can you match the picture with the song??  WAIT!!  NO CHEATING!!  Can you do it without looking at your Clack??  Some days, you just have to have fun, so let us know if you were successful or if you had trouble.  It will be fun to see how we all do.  After all, its been 13 years!!

Clay Aiken on American Idol

Clay Aiken on American Idol

How did you do?

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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Positive and Fun Time!

  1. Whether people agree with me or not! Clay Aiken is the American Idol in all aspects! His voice, his charm, his humanity towards others and his longevity!
    I saw an video clip of American Idol from the past and saw Quentin Taratino as well as others were in the audience cheering on the Top Contestants. You don't see that any more. Season 2 was the best and Clay was the best, no doubt
    Thank you, musicfan for the pictures and the test, it was fun! I voted, too!

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