Clay Aiken – TV Tonight ? Well, Maybe!

Today is Wednesday, and American Idol will be on TV tonight.  According to the schedule, tonights show will again be auditions from different cities.

The city of Philadelphia is listed for tonight so there is a possibility that we might see Clay Aiken on the show.  I have no confirmation either way.  What I do hope is that the show has a bit of excitement and that the judges listen to the singers.  I was shocked last week when they talked right over some of the singers.  I call that a foul!

If Clay is actually on the show, I will let you all know as soon as I can.  I do hope we have the opportunity to see him as he speaks with some of the contestants.


Did you figure out the banner?  Why I chose it for today???

You can blame it on You Tube and Season 2 of American Idol!!

Season 2 of American Idol was much longer than this season of the show.  It ran for 15 weeks and each week had two shows and occasionally 3 shows a week.

So…the banner is Open Arms!!!

Clay sang Open Arms on the Final 32, group 2 show.  Open Arms, a song made popular by Journey, was a great song for Clay and he sounded great!

Clay was the first performer on the February 11th show.  Both his mom and brother were a part of the small audience that was on the side of the stage with the performers.

After a nice bio clip and an introduction by Ryan Seacrest, Clay sang from his heart.  All three judges were positive and said nice things about his performance.

One of the funny moments was when Paula, while making positive comments,  asked Clay for a date.  He said, “You’re asking ME???”

I love the video of this episode of American Idol.  I hope you enjoy it too!!

 So…will you be watching for Clay tonight?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – TV Tonight ? Well, Maybe!

  1. I will be watching tonight! Seeing Clay, last week was so exciting, I couldn't stop smiling! Thanks musicfan, for the video and the info.

  2. I hope we do see Clay tonight on American Idol , thanks guys for the info and for keeping us informed with all the great news.

  3. Yes, I'll be watching tonight and Thursday. I have to agree that the judges are not that into judging contestants. They seem to be distracted by other things and don't give the hopefuls their full attention.

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