Clay Aiken – Big Crowds and Beautiful Music!

Did you see Clay Aiken’s tweets on Saturday? He only posted twice…but they were interesting!!  In the morning, Clay sent a picture of a Primary Ballot and reminded all that we should vote!!

His second tweet was interesting for the unusual responses that it got:

It’s official. is absolutely worthless and I can not wait until Monday to cancel my account. here I come!


Meg Kinnard Retweeted Clay Aiken:

BREAKING: loses to in the straw poll.

Meg is an AP political & legal affairs reporter based in South Carolina and has interviewed Clay in the past!


OH NO CLAY! This is unacceptable. Please email my team at the tracking number. We will jump on top of this. ^SD

OK….I guess there really are  advantages to being a famous celebrity!!!


So….I need a bit of help and I hope you will send in some info for me.

I am Mimi to twin 9 year olds.  They grew up listening to Clay in my car.  A few years ago, they would sing along to Suspicious Minds and a few other songs. (I am sure they had no idea what they were singing about at 5 years old!!)

Clay Aiken signed the Gala program for them, thanking them for letting their picture be a part of the back cover of the program. I want them to treasure the program. They know about The National Inclusion Project but…they really don’t know about Clay’s career in music.  He is just the singer that Mimi likes!

So…we talked about Taylor Swift and about the large crowds. They saw Taylor on her last tour. Finally, I showed them the following picture:

Then, we watched the following video….

It’s still pretty exciting, isn’t it?

SO….what should I show the twins next?

 They thought the video was fun and they began to sing along to Invisible!

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. I can't blame Clay about his complaint with UPS, my family has trouble with them too! Sometimes we have no choice who delivers our packages, I do prefer FedEx because they deliver your packages personally, not just leave them by your front door!
    Another large crowd event: Clay performed with Kelly Clarkson on their Independent Tour!

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