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Did you have the opportunity to see Clay Aiken on Cheddar?  Since I am on the west coast, I didn’t see it until the video was posted in the afternoon on Thursday.

I thought the conversation between Clay and Carrie Sheffield was excellent.  The following are a few screen caps from the show (thank you, lindy-lo).

If you missed seeing the show, you can see it HERE


The HuffPost-Politics wrote another short article about Clay and his Podcast, Candidate Confessional.

Clay Aiken Gained 30 Pounds Eating Bojangles Chicken During His Campaign

Life on the campaign trail is not conducive to good health. The days are long. The stress is intense. The sleep is fleeting. The food is plentiful — and much of it is, well, crap.

Many candidates, staffers and the journalists who cover them put on quite a few pounds during the campaign cycle.

Clay Aiken, the former American Idol star who ran for a North Carolina congressional seat in 2014, put on 30 during his time on the trail; or, as he put it, “30 fucking pounds.”

How did this happen? He explained in the latest Candidate Confessional podcast.

“I ran in a very rural district too, so pretty much every day Bojangles, because you don’t get out of the car. I mean, you’re in the car all the time. So it was fast food and then of course every event you go to, people have put food out for you. They’ve prepared food for you. And it is good. But if you don’t eat it, you look rude. So I just had to keep stuffing my face. Thirty pounds.”

Aiken’s Bojangles meal of choice that summer was a four-piece supreme dinner with dirty rice. There were no healthy choices there, he explained. But you did have the option of mentally tricking yourself into believing your calorie intake wasn’t so bad.

“You convince yourself that it is healthy because it is chicken,” Aiken said.
As for the weight, “it’s gone now,” he added.

You can see this article and comments at BOJANGLES

I hope you have great Friday…and maybe we will hear from Clay!!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Bojangles

  1. Enjoyed the interview, as expected Clay was very well knowledgeable and personable! Love CANN in the morning with my coffee and bagel!

  2. Thanks so much for posting the interview. I couldn't find it. We can always count on you to find it for the rest of us. Clay, of course, was wonderful in this interview. He doesn't miss a beat. Always ready with a response.
    We are fortunate to have CANN to keep us informed of what is going on with Clay. I don't always post, but I check this site everyday. THANKS!!!!!!!

  3. I tried to watch Cheddar on Thursday but couldn't get any sound. Thanks for reposting it as I was able to hear/watch it on Fri. I agree with nonee (above) CANN keeps us so well informed.

  4. it sounds funny to post a comment about how good he looks when hes eating, but take a look at his eyes. DREAMY!!

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