Clay Aiken Visits Cheddar!

Are you ready to see Clay Aiken talk about the primary elections and many other things?

 If so, You will have that opportunity this morning.

Clay Aiken will be one of the guests on a show called Cheddar.  He will talk with his friend, Carrie Sheffield who has a conservative leaning. I think their conversation will be very interesting.

Carrie posted the following picture on her Facebook page…

Carrie said that the show will be on this morning, (Thursday) at 9:30AM.  To see the show, click on CHEDDAR .

Wait…Cheddar??? What is this???

According to Business Insider:

Jon Steinberg, former president of BuzzFeed and CEO of Daily Mail US, is launching a startup called Cheddar.

Cheddar is a new media company that’s betting that the future of digital content is video…

Jon Steinberg said that the show will stream one to two hours of live content every day.  It usually comes from the New York Stock Exchange trading floor.  Then, they will cut pieces of the videos and distribute them to different web platforms.

Steinberg is looking to the future and said…

…nobody is doing programming right now for people without cable boxes that have TVs on their walls, in offices, and have Rokus, Apple TVs and Chromecast connected to them … I take the belief that no one coming out of college is going to get a cable box.”

It sounds like a project that is based on the future.

Whatever it is, I will be watching Clay as he makes his debut on the new platform, Cheddar.


Did you see the new professional pictures of Clay?

They were taken by HuffPost – Politics

Maybe the photographer took some more pictures.

 I hope so because these are good!!


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Visits Cheddar!

  1. I can't watch the interview today,(working), but will tune in this afternoon! Thanks for posting the Handsome pictures of Clay!

  2. These pictures are astonishing! Very professional and smart looking! Looking forward to watching Clay this morning. Hope I can find it, lol! Thanks Martha!!

  3. Watched this today. Clay as always, brings so much insight into the 2016 campaign. He seems to be gaining lots of respect from those in the media. Love watching him. Thanks Musicfan.

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