Clay Aiken – Seventy Songs in One Night!

Toms River Fest was a major festival event that used to be held at the campus of Toms River High School in Toms River Township, New Jersey, during the summer. The festival was a joint venture between Toms River Regional Schools and the concert promoter AEG Live Entertainment.

On July 27th, 2005, Clay Aiken started his Jukebox Tour at Toms River Fest. The 26-city tour visited cities in the eastern U.S. and Toronto. The tour ended at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City.

The 2 ½ hour show included music from each decade from the 50’s to the present. Clay even included some planned future releases. Including all the songs performed as solos and in the decade medleys, over 70 songs were performed at each concert. Clay was very busy during the concert; however, each of his back-up singers performed a solo and was highlighted throughout the concert.

There were so many highlights in this concert. It would be impossible to mention them all, but the following are hard to forget.

Clay, entering the stage with a smirk and a snap of his fingers

Clay climbing up on the piano and singing “Great Balls of Fire.”

Clay singing Elvis and moving like Elvis

Clay standing at the microphone, singing Ricky Martin

The famous Fedora

The White leisure suit!!

The fun Clay had when he teased his back-up singers!

 But what we remember the most is the wonderful music and joy that was a part of this concert.

Did you go to the JukeBox Tour?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Seventy Songs in One Night!

  1. Unfortunately no, 2005 was a mournful time for my family and me! I appreciate the article, pictures and especially the videos! Sometimes I go back and view the Jukebox Tour with Clay, Quiana, Angie and Jason.

  2. Best concert ever!! DH had surprised me and bought the tickets. I told him how much I wanted to go and when I came home from school and saw the printed out tickets, I told him it was the nicest thing he'd ever done!! He still laughs at my comment and feels he has done many more things for me that were nicer than that. But, he'll never really understand how much it meant to me to be able to go. After this concert, I never missed another tour and, of course, even ended up doing multiples!!

  3. I went to the Jukebox Tour twice at 2 different venues in 2 different states. It was so much fun. Clay has such a good time performing with his back up singers and is one of the most generous 'stars' in encouraging and allowing the others to have solos and interact with him on stage.

  4. I was at Toms River and will always remember that night of WOWs and song overload. What a eupohoric feeling. Made it to 10 more concerts and drove a total of 6000 miles that summer.

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